What's Today??

Okay - so it's Thursday

Yesterday I missed BTW (Bead Table Wednesday)

and today I've missed

My excuse you ask?

Well, Sunday night the hubby and son came home from camping and motorbiking in the desert with the son's wrist all tweaked out! 

Monday was spent at the Doctor's office and
over at the X-Ray place checking things out.

Tuesday morning was another trip to the Doctor's office
to get a splint when we found out it wasn't broken
(thank goodness!) but only sprained.

Wednesday found us back at the Doctor's office after school to learn that the same child now has strep throat! 

Geeze,...this kid barely goes to the doctor once a year,...and now,...three times in three days!

Holy Cow Smokes Batman!

Yes, Marsha, I said it again!
(Now EVERYONE knows what a total dork I am!!)

Today was spent waiting hand and foot on above mentioned teenager who, due to being sick, seemed like he was 5 years old again!!

So, tomorrow I'm hoping that a few things will get back to normal and regular posts to the blog will continue. 

But hey, how un-fun is life when things are always
normal and predictable, right?

So, Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and a little bit of Chaos!


Oh - and for those of you who haven't signed up yet for the Holiday Shop Hop - hop on over to the original post and read all about it and then send me your info via email to: Shel@asicj.com

It'll be fun!!


  1. Ohmigosh you are having a week! Glad your son is on the mend!

  2. Never a dull moment!
    Thanks for your kind words and visit on my blog!

  3. You're welcome Sharon - I love your blog and your jewelry is wonderful as well!

    And Melissa - the son is on the mend - yeah!! :)


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