Are You Ready for Tucson,....

Okay, so most of you know how excited I get to attend (and sometimes teach during) the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Bead Shows that happen in late January and early February of each year, right?

Oh, the pearls,...and beads and gems - oh my!

Well, this year's no exception!!  Hopefully with out the hard freeze they had last year, but hey, I will not complain either way!!

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I'm always busy hunting down my favorite vendors and drooling over which Pearls are the best in town but this year I'm actually looking forward to scoping out a bunch of different things that I've never checked out or attended

Some of my lovely finds

More beauties to take home

Always try something new and
venture outside of your comfort zone!

Here's a handy tip.

Get your Tucson Show Guide now! 

If you've never attended any of the shows in Tucson during this time of year (and there's a zillion of them,...honestly!!) , you're gonna want to have a 'heads-up' on what's what, who's where and how to get around. 

Meteorite Men in Tucson Again this Year

There were a couple of years where the freeway was under construction and if you didn't know your way around or take the shuttles, I'm sure you found Tucson a smidge challenging and your drive time a bit longer than expected - leaving you short on shopping and drooling time!

As for the Tucson Show Guide - I usually end up with about three of these babies in my car because once you get there they're all over and everyone grabs one and leaves it with me thinking I need another,...???

The Show Guide will help you find shows with fun things like this!!

And this wan't even the biggest one!!

This year you can even get your Show Guide digitally and not have to haul it around (How Cool Is THIS?!!) So take advantage of this nifty piece of technology, won't you?  And if you have to have one you can touch and hold, take it with you when you get out of my car, we've got enough to wallpaper the moon with! 

Tucson Sunsets are the best!

Also, you really do have to prepare for almost any type of weather.  Seriously. It's cold in the desert in February - at least when the sun's not shining. It rains each year - truly - at some point anyway. And yes, when the sun does shine or if it's a bit over-cast, you need sunscreen people or your little noses and cheeks will turn a bit red!  Just saying,....

The beautiful Santa Catalinas!

And shoes!  Okay - you're talking to the shoe diva here (see my 'Shel' section of this blog and scroll all the way down - yes I have walked in those - but never at the gem show!!).

Fashion out the window - you don't want your tootsies keeping you from all those gorgeous treasures!

Best places to stay you ask?


Well, I'm really lucky and get to stay with one of my best girlfriends and her family. Our boys have been friends since they were two years old (we used to live in Tucson), and they always open their home to us. I usually check into the "Elliott Hilton" by myself for a few days first while I hang with Nina, some other girlfriends and my sis and check out all the shows.

Lunching with the girls

Then, the last weekend of the show, the hubby and son travel down and join me and both families enjoy a few fun days of searching for great treasures!

We have a tradition where after we're all done shopping we bring our goodies back to the house, have an excellent dinner that Nina always prepares to perfection, open a few bottles of wine and have "Show and Tell" - it's one of my favorite traditions!!

Cookin' with Nina!

Yes - we're all a bunch of dorks - but we do have FUN!!

Our boys are in high school now and they still enjoy this weekend w/us!! (Or at least they tell us they do!)

These two keep us entertained!
In another post, I'll give you some tips on some various shows and exhibits to check out, some great restaurant suggestions for your hungry tummy and a few other goodies to be found down in the Old Pueblo!

So, go download your Tucson Show Guide 2012
now and start planning away!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gearing Up!!


  1. Enjoy! To visit one of the Tucson shows... it is on my must do list.

  2. This looks like so much fun Shel! It is rare for a bead show to come to the Boston area so I do not get to experience this! I love how your family comes and joins you and you can get caught up with friends too.


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