This or That Thursday!

Linking up today with This or That Thursday

Also, I'm giving a big shout out and huge "Thank You" to Brandi over at Brandi Girl Blog for her lovely tutorial on

I'm extremely techno-challenged, as you've all heard me tell you, so this was a great thing for me to learn.

I'm going to use it this year when I'm designing jewelry and hopefully it will help me to throw more colors into my designs.

Have a great Thursday!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gorgeous Colors!



  1. Guess what? You won the first giveaway over on Beading Arts! email me at cyndi at mazeltovjewelry dot com :-)

  2. Very pretty love the necklace, bracelet....

  3. The color palettes are lovely! And aren't they fun to make?!

  4. Yes - now I have to learn how to do them w/textures and cool things like that,....I'm sure that will take me forever to learn, but it will be fun once I do!! :)

  5. Saun, thanks for the compliments on the bangles - they're made with old plastic bangles that have been upcycled with Banana Fiber from over at Darn Good Yarn and have turquoise dangles - they're fun to wear!!


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