BTW and a Discount Coupon For You!

I'm still playing around with some of these today, re-stringing (finally) some jewelry for a friend and contemplating a few other things.

Vintaj embossed blanks that I've been playing around with

What's on YOUR Bead Table Today? 

I'm putting a few new pieces up in the
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Mystery Earrings that could possibly show up in my store this week!

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Faceted Amethyst Nugget Earrings

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Leather and Hematite Wrap Bracelet available in the
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On another note, I must not have rubbed my rabbit's foot the right way, cause I didn't get selected by the random number picker that Lori Anderson did for this round of the Bead Soup Blog Party

Congrats to all those who did get selected - you're going to have a blast!

Plus, it's still going to be super fun hopping around all over the internet on March 3rd  and drooling over what all the particpants created. 

It will be like "Disneyland on steriods" for all us bead lovers!

Everyone have a great "Hump Day" as you coast on into the weekend, okay?

Barbie's still hanging out on my Bead Table!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Random Stuff!

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