Good Eats While Down in Tucson!!

Okay - so a while back I mentioned that I'd be giving you a line up of a few places to 'stuff your face' while you're down in Tucson for all the Gem Shows, so here's a little sample of what the Old Pueblo has to offer:

Shelly, Nina and Ginny at Vivace's Feb-2011

Vivace - YUMMY!!  On the corner of River and Campbell, Vivace's has some great Italian food, awesome service and this is where we all met last year for lunch. We just walked out of the Windmill Inn, where the Whole Bead Show is, and across the parking lot and enjoyed some yummy pasta and delicious wine!  You gotta go! (Tell them Nina E. sent you!!)   

The Girls at Vivace's - Nina, Ginny, Marsha and Janet
(I'm behind the camara - taken' the pic!)

The Blue Willow - A Tucson Tradition!  An old 1940's Adobe house turned great restaurant, the ambiance takes you back in time and their breakfasts are what so many in Tucson love!  (And their deserts!)
Lunch and dinner are always good, too. 

Casa Molina's - Another Tucson Tradition (since 1947) and great Mexican food as well!  Fabulous  Margarita's baby (Try the Berry Berry Margarita - yummy) !!

Ni Nidito Restaurant - It's been around for decades and is a must stop for some of the best Mexican food in Tucson - hands down!

Jerry Bob's - Best comfort food in the West! Well, in Tucson anyway. Both of the ones at Oracle / McGee and Thornydale / Cortaro on the NW side of town are the ones we always used to go to with our friends on Sunday mornings when we lived down there. If you're going on the weekend, get there early, cause you'll have to wait to get in!

Frankie's South Philly Cheesesteaks - Longing for some great Philly Cheesesteaks are you? Well this is the place!

Flemmings - At Skyline and Campbell, Flemmings has a nice atmosphere, amazing wine list and of course, yummy salads and steaks that are to die-for! I've never eaten at a Flemmings that wasn't great!

Pinnacle Peak Steak House / El Corral and Trail Dust Town - Okay - it can be a little "Hokie" but Trail Dust Town is something everyone wants to see when they come to Tucson for some reason - probably because Pinnacle Peak Steak House is pretty well known, is El Corral.  Both have great steaks and cold beer - very yummy in the hot, dry desert!

Here's one I'd like to try because I've heard really good things about it - Azul Restaurant and Lounge inside the Westin LaPaloma. With great views of the beautiful Catalina Mountains, who wouldn't want to sip a cocktail and cool your heels at this place?!!

My favorite place in all of Tucson though is of course, my friend Nina's!  She makes the best Chili Blanco around and pours a mean glass of wine, too!   Wish I could invite you all over there to enjoy it with me, but even with a couple of acres, I'm not sure we'd all fit!

Shelly and Nina
Ready to Enjoy Some of Nina's Famous Chili Blanco!

Steve and Mike
Cooking in the Kitchen with Nina

There's tons of other great places to sit back, relax and enjoy the views and tastes of Tucson, so be sure to ask around because every local has his/her own favorites.

And, if you hear something mentioned more than once, take their advice and check it out!!

Again, make sure you're wearing comfy shoes, have your sunscreen on and your water bottle in your hand - it's the desert (yes, I know, last year it was below freezing,...but that was a bit unusual!!).

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Hanging Out in the Old Pueblo!

Having Fun with Crazy Friends



  1. Hey! I want to add one to the list... Oregano's! The veggie sandwich is wonderful!!
    Are you in Tucson this year? I leave in the morning. We should meet up!

  2. That would be cool. I'm there on Friday. Possibly Thursday, but that's still up in the air.

    My family is coming down Friday night and we're all hanging w/some family and friends down there for the weekend like we do every year during the gem show, but I'm available during the day on Friday - let me know what you're up to.

  3. I would love to check out these places. Someday I will get to Tucson! The lounge is right up my alley. I always enjoy a glass a wine with a view!

  4. Val - call me whenever you do make the journey to Tucson - we'll go hang out, sip some wine and drool over cool beads!! :)

  5. You guys are making me HUNGRY!! :) Hey Shel, I stopped by from over at the 52 earring flickr group. love the clean look of your blog. the white is fantastic. very easy to see your nice designs!
    ♥ tejae

  6. Tejae - thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my blog! You don't know how much that means,...truly!! Thanks!!

  7. Tejae - you blog is awesome too - love your hearts!! OH My!! I repinned them in pinterest and added them to one of my boards!


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