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It's Bead Table Wednesday and here's what's on my Bead Table today ~

More "Norm" Sytle Earring Wires

Also, I wanted to give you a head's up on a few "Must See" shows to check out while you are down in Tucson during all the gems shows this week and next.

The Whole Bead Show - Windmill Inn, River and Campbell.  Feb. 1st - 6th. This is usually my first stop as I pull into Tucson because I can go there and shop for a couple of hours with some of my favorite vendors and then walk across the parking lot to Vivace's and have lunch with my girlfriends! They've got everything and most of the vendors have been at this location for many, many years!!

To Bead True Blue - Double Tree Reid Park Hotel.  Jan. 29th - Feb. 3rd. This is usually my second stop. Again, lots of vendors I love, tons of beads and findings, great classes, and if you feel like stopping for a glass of wine while shopping, they've got a restaurant here for that as well!  This show ends on the 3rd of February, but "morphs" into,....

The Tucson Bead Show - Double Tree Reid Part Hotel.   Feb. 4th - 6th. Some of the same vendors remain through this weekend at the Reid Park Hotel - but there's some new faces this weekend too - and you don't want to miss them!!  So - visit this hotel/show twice!!

The Best Bead Show - Kino Veteran's Memorial Community Center - Feb. 1st - 5th. Tons of beads and findings to drool over, great vendors and classes to boot! Parking can be a hassle - but it can be a hassle at all the shows - so if you don't have to drive or park and can take the shuttle - do that.

G & LW Show - BIG!!  The Holidome (Feb. 2nd - 10th) and the Gem Mall (Jan. 28th- Feb 10th).  They're crowded, and for good reason!  I get lots of my pearls from Majestic Pearl and they exhibit at both the Holidome and the Gem Mall and it's a great idea to hop around to both, cause there's different vendors at each.  My friend Karen, whom I've known for something like 20 years, works with registration at G&LW, and she's the best when it comes to customer service - make sure to be nice to her when you're checking in!
 (again, parking's a pain - take the shuttles if possible)

Mineral And Fossil Marketplace - Jan. 28th - Feb 11th.This is actually 4 shows (click on the link for the locations/times) But we go to the Hotel Tucson City Center.  This place is really cool - especially if you've got family that wants to see things other than beads and gemstones.  They've got huge dinosaur fossils, mega-sized Amethyst Crystals, cool meteorite and rock displays, jewelry, books, minerals galore and it's just a fun and funky, laid-back vibe from the minute you walk through the door. 

(Yes - The pic of my hubby's face through that huge Amethyst was taken at this show!)

 Tucson Gem Show - Tucson Convention Center. This is the big daddy - well, to me it is. My boys don't like this one cause most things are behind glass counters and they're the 'touchy-feely' sort of folks. But me,...I just drool over all the amazing gemstones, pearls, cool minerals, diamonds and fabulous jewelry!!  I go to this one by myself so my friends won't get mad when I spend 20 minutes looking at one stone!! 

Create Your Style with Swarovski Tucson 2012 - Westin La Paloma. Jan. 31st - Feb. 2nd. (Open to the public) Again - another one Nina and I will attend by ourselves. Our boys just don't get all the sparkle! And, the La Paloma - wow - the views!  They sparkle, too!! 

GJX - Gem and Jewelry Exchange - Downtown on Granada. Jan. 31st - Feb. 5th.  Parking can be a pain, but if you want to purchase some great quality gemstones at a wonderful price - this is one of the places to do just that!

Globe-X at the Days Inn - Jan. 29th - Feb. 13th. Off of Freeway Ave. Lumped into the shows known as the "Freeway Shows",  Globe-X (and the rest of them have) everything from rocks, fossils, minerals, beads, fancy cut gemstones, rugs, ethnic/tribal finds, right on down to some great little food vendors.  

J.O.G.S. Show - Tucson Expo Center off of Irvington. Jan. 27th - Feb. 7th.  Okay - this is one to see as well - has everything. Tons of great beads/gemstone strands and findings galore! Plus, fabulous jewelry for your store (if you've got one) and you can find some really great finds and some really great prices here, too.

And, here's the Tucson Show Guide link to a bunch more shows and places you'll want to check out!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Tucson should you be there this year!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Heading Down to the "Annual Drool Fest"!!

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