Suburban Girl Design Team!

This year I've been trying to step of my "Shell" (pun intended there!!) and try different things, design-wise, with my jewelry.

Spice It Up! By Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs
Gin Blossom Pendant by Jeannie of Jewelry by Jeannie

Working with different colors, for instance,
is a big one for me this year. 

Sari Silk Wrapped Bangle by Michelle Buettner
of MiShel Designs

So, putting my 'name in the hat' on people's blogs I follow who are having challenges, or give-a-ways, or asking for design team members and/or signing up for blog-hops (when I see them in time!) and things like this are just a couple of the things I'm doing this year to try to stretch myself artistically.

Earring Designs by Michelle Buettner of MiShel Designs
for the Flickr group, 52 Pair of Earrings a Year

These actions I've taken have been rather successful so far  this year. I've been the recipient of some fabulous give-a-ways (and I truly thought I never won anything!) and I've had some great opportunities come my way.

One such opportunity happened just a couple of days ago.

I'm excited to announce that I was chosen to be on the Suburban Girl Studio's design team!

What good fortune! 

Have you seen the handcrafted porcelain, stoneware and raku bead components that Diana of

Here's a few of the items she currently has available in her Etsy Shop.

Sunset Orange Porcelain Flower Pendant
by Suburban Girl Beads
Gorgeous, huh?!!  I'm really excited to participate!

Copper Patina Charm Pair
By Suburban Girl Beads

Diana's doing a Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter design challenge and the first reveal date for all of us on the team is going to be April 1st!

Hop on over to the Suburban Girl Studio and check out the other Design Team Members.

They're all pretty awesome if you ask me!

I want to thank Diana for putting the design team together and I hope I'm able to create designs that will truly highlight her components and allow them to shine!

Also, this Saturday (tomorrow!) is gonna be a big day, too!

It's a 2-for-1 here on my blog!

There will be the Echo Creative Club monthly reveal and Blog Hop and then also the 7000 Bracelets of Hope
Blog Hop is happening, too!

So, come back over here tomorrow and check out all that's going on. It'll be fun!!

Photo by Michelle Buettner/MiShel Designs

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, and Gratitude!


    I JUST saw the post with your name on it and was so excited for you. I cannot wait to see what she send y'all and what you make with them. I'm so excited for you! :)

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your creations!


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