Working on Color!

For those of you who know me personally you know that my closet probably has fewer than five articles of clothing with 'prints' (this includes scarves, too!) and that most of my colors are, shall we say,...neutral and rather drab.

Translation: browns, greys, black, navy blues and an occasional pop of dark red - gotta love RED!

Anyhoo, I was reading Tracy Statler's blog post today over on Make Bracelets and she's got these amazing colors going on with all the goodies she just got from a bead show that was just in her area.

Her post was quite timely since I've been trying to incorporate more color into my designs. 

You really gotta check out her blog and all her yummy finds - they're super gorgeous!

Tracy also gives you a head's up on some great blogs that have various color palettes and things related to colors.

One of the blogs she mentions is one of my favorite blog 'must' reads - Brandi Girl Blog.

Brandi's blog has really been helping me get out of my neutral-zone as I try to rev up my use of color.

I know,...some of the things I've been creating lately are just white pearls and silver - so typical me - but I'm mixing it up a little bit and adding a few other colors as well. 

(Slowly but surely - don't rush me!)

What I'm curious about now though is this:

Do you tend to 'play it safe' with the colors of your
clothes and your accessories?

Or, do you jump in with both feet at once
and dance with different colors regularly?

Let me know what colors you're drawn to right now and why?

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Rainbows of Colors!

*All photos, jewelry and designs by Michelle Buettner


  1. Great pictures! I love to be neutral and wear a pop of color! Especially red lipstick (only from time to time though because I feel like I need to keep checking in the mirror to make sure it is still in place!). Those turquoise earrings are gorgeous and so vibrant!

  2. Hey Shel, thanks so much for the shout out! It's so nice to know that my color posts are helping others branch out - that totally gave me warm fuzzies!

    As for colors I'm drawn to, I'd have to say anything aqua or teal, and anything olive green grabs my eye always. Can't get enough of either color, though a really deep pink or red catches my attention, too.

  3. Val - I can't wear red lipstick - you got guts and style girl! :)

    Thanks for the compliments on the earrings!

  4. Brandi - yes, I love a nice, deep pink, too. And of course, deep red - love that with blues and greys (grays). :)

  5. for the clothes--im black, brown, and gray--and ilove a dark olive, but mostly it is black or brown.
    but for the jewelry now--after three great phil lesh shows in CO this past weekend--all im doing is humming the unbroken chain lyric--lilac rain--last spring idid the lilac rain line withe pale chalcedony stones and flower jasper--this year the lilac rain is opalite--
    and thanks to your elegant style earwires--this eve's lilac rain earrings are gogoing to be spectacular

  6. My wardrobe is pretty much black and dark gray, but I bead with all different colors :)

  7. Great post. Love hearing about you stepping out into the rainbow, dipping your toes into a sea of color.
    My fav so far is the turquoise nuggets and red earrings.


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