The Hands of Time

The hubby finds the best things,....or maybe they find him!

As he was ready to throw the trash bags on the top of the heap at the mountain dump yesterday, he almost threw them on this old clock. 

Luckily he stopped, picked it up, and then tossed the bags over the side.

Pretty cool, eh?! 

Look at the patina on the wheels.

And the old craftsmanship - from 1878!!

I love getting shots of old antiques.

Especially before they've been cleaned up.

Just makes my day!!

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Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Old Hands of Time!



  1. Hi Shel,
    What a fantastic find! How could someone just through out a cool old clock like that one?

  2. Beautiful and delicate photos, with that beautiful old clock. Greetings.

  3. Love this cool shots.
    Old antiques have a hundred times more character than any of the crap they sell now {and it last more about hundred times longer too}. The macro shots of the clock wheels were my favorite.

  4. I can't imagine why anyone would throw this beauty away! Even if they couldn't get it to work its still a great piece of art and history!

  5. What most excellent find! Thanks for sharing your shots of this neat old clock. What exactly are y'all going to do with it though. . .fix it? Take it apart for pieces? Display it cleaned up but broken? Just wondering. . .I'm nosy like that ;)

  6. Looks like a win-win situation. Both you and your hubby are delighted and the clock has a new home. Amazing workmanship.

  7. Hope - you're too funny!! I have no idea what we're doing w/it yet - right now it's out in the garage waiting for some more clean up. It's so lovely, I know we're going to keep it - just don't know if it will go in the famous tree house or in the real one!! LOL!!


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