Did You Hear?

Andy Griffith passed away.

Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor on the
Andy Griffith Show

He was a favorite of mine.  

He was a good actor and made it all look so easy!

I loved his voice.

My hubby, son and I like to watch re-runs of the Andy Griffith show. 

It’s a reminder of simpler times and a more relaxed way of life.

I've lovingly refered to my small home town in central Illinois as “Mayberry” for a long time now because it’s very quaint and everyone knows each other. 

That's my home town library back there. 
Old Route 66 runs right through the midle of town.  It really is Mayberry!

Kinda like Sheriff Taylor's town.

This is the post office where my dad worked.

It’s a place that as a teenager I couldn’t wait to move away from, but it was the best place to grow up in!

I’m gonna miss Andy Griffith,
but I will always cherish those reruns.

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Good Ol’ Memories!!



  1. I know I was sad as well. He always wished he was the type of man the Sheriff was but I think he was a great actor and will always live in our heart.

  2. Great tribute! A wonderful actor -always had a way with smoothing over Aunt Bea's ruffled feathers...and wise words for Opey. Most of us growing up around the time of that show remember Jim well !


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