It's been a little over a year since going through the
Wallow Fire here in Arizona.

Looking towards Alpine June 1st, 2011.
Nutrioso is on the left. Auger Canyon Rd. to the right.

This summer as I look around I realize that being evacuated and seeing the devastation first hand last year was a good teacher.

Grandma Emma's Cabin after the Wallow Fire, Summer 2011

Change can be a bit difficult at times and this experience is just another form of the teachings that change is a constant but if we look with an open mind and heart, we can find the good. Or perhaps, the good finds us because we are open?

Life does return.

It's like evolution.

Aside from the scientific/biological definition of evolution,
one version goes like this:

A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.

Not sure if they're more complex or better, but my jewelry designs have evolved over the years.

Back in 2009, I named a line of my jewelry "Urban Chaos".

'Marsha's' - MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

I called it this because of the way I wire wrapped the pieces and because of what they represented to me at the time.

MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

This form of wrapping wire was quite the challenge for me. 

Urban Chaos Swirl Hoops - MiShel Designs, from the 2009 Urban Chaos Collection

I know, I know,...it looks quite simple (almost sloppy!), so what could be so hard, right? 

Marquis Madness - MiShel Designs
2009 Urban Chaos Collection

Going from all the neat and orderly wrappings I'd been doing for so many years to a rather chaotic, organic, chunky look and feel was a bit different. 

'Marsha's' - MiShel Designs, 2009 Urban Chaos Collection
Wire Wrapped 'Chaos' Pendant and 'Chaos' Wire Wrapped Beads

And, even though I was completely drawn to this style it just wasn't what I normally designed; nor was it what my customers asked for or wanted.

'Irish Eyes' - MiShel Designs 2011

But I loved the look, so I kept doing it.

And after a while, it felt totally natural.

Chaos Wrapped Pearls and Crystals - MiShel Designs, 2010

I still love to see (and create!) nice, neat and tight wire wrapped designs, don't get me wrong.

'In The Army Now!' - 2011 Urban Chaos Wrapped Bangle and Earrings Set

But this 'chaos' way of wrapping has started to
become my 'go-to' wrap.

"Snake Skins"- 2011 Chaos Wrapped Pearls, MiShel Designs
Copper Metal Clay Components - Kristi Bowman Design

Kind of my norm, if you will.

And, after seeing it all over the place in hand crafted jewelry designs for the last 4 to 5 years I've really come to love the different ways people get their jewelry to look with it.

"Shannon" - MiShel Designs, 2012 Urban Chaos Collection

It adds such texture and dimension!

And, I like how you can take something smooth and shiny and make it look a bit 'worn' just by the way you wire wrap it.  Almost grunge,...but not quite. 

MiShel Designs, 2012 Urban Chaos Collection

I also like how it can make your outfit, which might be all crisp and neat, look a bit more relaxed and casual while adding some fun as well, without taking away from your overall look and feel.

"Rain in the Forest" - 2012, MiShel Designs Spice It Up Collection

Being up here in the mountains againg this summer, all of this type of jewelry reminds me of the trees in the forest and the woods around me,....free formed, bent, twisted and yes, even the burnt ones,....beautiful (in their own way)!

'Desert Sunset' - 2012, MiShel Designs Urban Chaos Collection

What types of styles are you drawn to and in what ways have you changed things that you design over the years?

Chaos Wrapped Faceted Citrine Drops in 14K Gold Filled
MiShel Designs, 2010

Have you learned any specific techniques that are now second nature to you and show up everywhere in your designs? 

Mini Pearl Drops - MiShel Designs, 2009

Evolution (change) can be a good thing, yes?!

Horse Shoe Pass Earrings - 2012 MiShel Designs

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Embracing Chaotic Change!



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  1. Am loving all your designs...right from the beginning! And those hoops are making me drool. Time to use your tips and make my own!


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