Fruits Of My Labor

Remember this weekend when I posted my

Well, here's the fruits of my labor after playing around with some different materials this weekend.

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I'm having fun making hoops, covering them with recycled sari silk and various colored ribbons and wrapping them with the darkened annealed steal wire and adding a few little seed beads and crystals - too fun!!

Grunge Hoops

The Grunge Hoops will be available in my Etsy shop this week.

Also, the weekend before, when we played in the garage studio and I dipped some things in liver of sulfur

Well, here's a few of those items now, too. 

I love how copper can look on different surfaces and with different colored backgrounds - it's such a cool metal!

I'm gearing up for the Annual Nutrioso BBQ and craft show this weekend up here White Mountains of Arizona and so some of these are going to be put on display there, but several will be in my Etsy shop next week as well.

I'm limited to what items I have up here at my sis's cabin, but it's stretching my creativity to play with what I have. I even forgot my LOS, so no dark metals other than the ones I made up prior to coming back up here - oh well - I'm still having fun!

Someone asked me if my being here at the cabin fueled my creativity or did it just make it too hard to create, being in such a beautiful area and wanting to just enjoy my surroundings. The answer is a little bit of both!

What's fueling your creativity this summer? 

Are you inspired by your surroundings?  

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Creating Fun Things!




  1. Love the textile wrapping on your hoops give an amazing gypsy vibe.

  2.'re turning the bangles into hoops. I like.

  3. Love the grunge hoops. Good luck at the craft show, have fun!

  4. I didn't think of it as being a gypsy vibe,... the gray ones looked totally more grunge to me, but I love Gypsy, so I'll take that any day!

    I was trying to mimick my sari silk and wire wrapped "bangles w/dangles" that I did for a class last year, but they came out differently than intened - which can be a good thing,....I really like the 'rain in the forest' ones - they're my fav's! And they will end up being given to my sister!! LOL!! They are SOOOOO her!

  5. Good work! Adding the fabric gives the hoops a whole new dimension. Hope the show goes well.

  6. I think the change at the cabin has really inspired you! I so wish I still wore earrings!

  7. Thanks for the compliments you guys!

  8. So lovely to see, that in the end, your time at the cabin did inspire some wonderful creativity. Love the Grunge line of hoops that resulted. Love the subtle colors of silk that show through the wire wrapping. Bravo! I'm sure this new line will connect with folks at the craft fair.

  9. Thanks Lynda - I'm kinda liking these goth/grunge looks lately,..but I've got orders for a more refined look so you'll be seeing me return a bit to the 'old me'! LOL!! :-)


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