Echo Creative - See What I Got!

I wanted to share with you the lovely components that Jeannie Dukic (Jewelry By Jeannie) sent me for the next two Echo Creative Club Design Team Reveals.
Oh quick,...shut your mouth, don't want drool spilling over onto the keyboard! 

I'm really in love with this beautiful Cherry Blossom - aren't you?  Although I take a lot of pictures of flowers, I don't particularly design with them that often, so this will be a great challenge for me.
And oh this Aspen Leaf is just super!
I really love fall colors and leaves!
I'm able to participate in both the October and the November Reveals, so Jeannie sent me both pieces together and said I can choose which one I want use this month and which I want to use next month.
I am choosing to use the Cherry Blossom pendant this month and the Aspen Leaf for November.
Come back here on Thursday, the 25th of October and you can see what all the participants have created for October!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Echo Creative Goodness!


  1. Those are two beautiful pieces! I love these type of challenges; it always gets my curiosity going to imagine what will become of these pieces :)

  2. Oh Shel I can't wait to see what you create. I get a little emotional on reveal day so I'll make sure I have tissues near by.


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