Etsy Shop Update

I hope every one's have a great St. Patrick's Day. 
Are you wearing some GREEN today?
I'm wearing this Celtic Knot Macrame Bracelet today.
Celtic knot bracelet - it's 'greener' than it looks! ;-)
Also, I'm finally getting some more things listed over
in my Etsy Shop.

What are you doing today?

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and New Things!


  1. Love that bracelet! And today I did some leatherwork: a belt for a special customer.

    1. Thank you!! Oh, Leather work - Love that!!

  2. Love the new designs! that bracelet totally caught my eye - gorgeous!

  3. Hello, Shel. Digging around in the garage today for some texturing tool possibilities. (Husband is quietly watching me from the doorway...he's so cool!) The next Love My Art Jewelry Boot Camp has started and it's all about hand texturing metal. I'm drooling over your sterling and copper disc earrings. And the riveting is a really nice touch. Riveting would be on my bucket list, but I'm too young to have a bucket list...

    1. Lynda - I'm loving your textured disk neckace you just posted on your blog for the Art Jewelry Boot Camp - gorgeous! And, w/all your metal work and your brave spirit, you'll be a wiz at rivets, too!


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