Ohhhh,...Knotted Leather!

Yep, you know it. If it's leather and knotted with some beads or pearls anywhere near it - I'm in!

Leather (real or imitation) is all the rage right now and Tracy over at Make Bracelets Blog came up with a new, innovative and fun way to incorporate this ever so fabulous material into your jewelry designs.

She posted a link not long ago to her ever so hip and cool "Leather Links Video Tutorial" and I just had to purchase it!
Click here to go to the Leather Links Post Info

I had a blast listening and watching the step by step instructions and in her video tutorial Tracy shares many tips and tricks to working with leather (and hypo-cement!) and even throws in some handy-dandy 'touch-up' tricks you won't want to miss.

Here's a few pics of the first two leather links I created after watching the video and a couple of bracelets I made using them.
Click to Enlarge

Tracy's a real sweatheart and has created a Pinterest Board for those of us who have purchased the tutorial and have created items with the leather links - how cool is that?!   After all, Pinterest is the latest and greatest thing,...you know,...next to leather (and beads and pearls!).
So, whatcha waitin' for?  Hop on over and check it out and have fun creating some cool Leather Links!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Leather Links!!


  1. Those look fab and make such great summer bracelets!

  2. I love those bracelets! The buttons are awesome, especially the heart one. I finally watched the video this past weekend and made my first link. Now I hope I can come up with something cool to make with it. I love making components but I'm not so good at designing with them.

  3. Love Tracy's leather link tutorial! What a great post featuring your bracelets made using this tutorial! They are really pretty and look so wearable. I especially like that heart button you used...what a great way to feature all sorts of clasps.

  4. These are great, Shel! And would be fantastic to wear alone or in a big ol' stack of them. Can't wait to see other ways you use these neat leather links in your designs.


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