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Knotted Summer Bracelet Tutorial

Hey there folks!
I wanted to let you know I've posted a new bracelet tutorial over on my MiShel Designs Etsy Site this week.
It's a fun Knotted, Multi-Strand Beaded Bracelet with a Hand Fabricated Button Closure that I teach you to create.
You can hop on over to the Etsy site and see the Tutorial by clicking HERE.
Or, you click on the "Tutorials and Fun Stuff" Section across the top of my blog here and get over to the Etsy site and view it that way.
It's a downloadable PDF tutorial that's for sale and once  you've paid and entered the email address in the 'notes to seller' section upon check out that you want me to email the PDF to you at, I will send the file on over to you with in 24 hours!
I was trying to do another video tutorial here on the blog for you as well but it's just not working this time for some reason.  
So, as soon as I can get all the kinks ironed out, I'll have a new one of those for you, too!  Hopefully sooner rather than later!
Have fun and I hope you enjoy the new tutorial!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fun Summer Bracelets!
Variations on the Desert Sunset Bracelet you will be able to do
once you learn the basics!!

Ohhhh,...Knotted Leather!

Yep, you know it. If it's leather and knotted with some beads or pearls anywhere near it - I'm in!

Leather (real or imitation) is all the rage right now and Tracy over at Make Bracelets Blog came up with a new, innovative and fun way to incorporate this ever so fabulous material into your jewelry designs.

She posted a link not long ago to her ever so hip and cool "Leather Links Video Tutorial" and I just had to purchase it!
Click here to go to the Leather Links Post Info

I had a blast listening and watching the step by step instructions and in her video tutorial Tracy shares many tips and tricks to working with leather (and hypo-cement!) and even throws in some handy-dandy 'touch-up' tricks you won't want to miss.

Here's a few pics of the first two leather links I created after watching the video and a couple of bracelets I made using them.
Click to Enlarge

Tracy's a real sweatheart and has created a Pinterest Board for those of us who have purchased the tutorial and have created items with the leather links - how cool is that?!   After all, Pinterest is the latest and greatest thing, know, to leather (and beads and pearls!).
So, whatcha waitin' for?  Hop on over and check it out and have fun creating some cool Leather Links!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Leather Links!!

Video Tutorials

Here's a question for everyone: 
What media do you use for your video tutorials?

Do you just have a flip share camera video you download or a regular camera on a tripod,...your computer camera?

What forms of video and editing do you find the easiest for you or the best as far as quality and funtions? 

I'm a complete techno-idiot,
so the word EASY really interests me. 

But, being a bit of an anal perfectionist
(not always a good thing!),
I want to make sure the quality is good enough
for people to see clearly.

I'm asking because I've had people tell me they would like to see a video tutorial of a few of the earring wire styles
that I create and have for sale over on my

After you answer my questions about the types of video you use and download, what types of earring wire styles or other jewelry tutorials would you want to see?

I've seen so many really good jewelry videos but a couple of the one's that stand out for me are the ones by
B'Sue's Boutiques and the ones on Beaducation
I also like the ones that Szarka Carter 
with Magpie Gemstones does, too. 

All are completely different kinds of videos as far as the settings they are in and how they approach each subect - but they are all packed with excellent information, great techniques and loads of helpful hints and tips.

Click on the names above to go to a few of their videos and check them out - you'll be glad you did!

Have fun creating this week and be sure to give me some feedback - what you like, what you've tried, what you don't like, etc.

Any info or feedback at all is greatly appreciated!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Learning New Things!


I've been really into creating this past week! Sadly, though, I'm only wanting to create what I want and not what I'm supposed to be creating - funny how that works, isn't it?! LOL!!

Anyway - I got a new daping/doming block this past week and have been loving life while "tap, tap, tapping" metal into shapes and creating fun things.
This has spawned a new line of jewelry I will be coming out with by the end of September - if not sooner. It's a personal/sentimental, spiritual line of jewelry with symbols, words and stones of meaning. Very simple yet fun and cool!

I'm really enjoying creating this type of jewelry because there's such a 'shift' in the world right now (and it's been happening for awhile now) and we all seem to feel the need to 'be connected' to something/someone, to share our hopes and dreams, goals, feelings, emotions and many other things and "put them out there" for the Universe/God to take and shape from dream into something solid.

I'll keep you posted and give you a sneak peak here over the weekend,....

I'm also getting ready to post some *FREE* jewelry making tutorials over at - so for those of you wanting to do some creating of your own, go check things out. There's tons of tutorials on this site from many talented jewelry artists and so many of the tuts are *FREE*!

Right now I've got an article that was posted over at about teaching jewelry classes with something 'more' - go check it out under the articles section.

Hope your day is filled w/love, health and happiness!!

Until next time,
Peace, Love and have fun creating beautiful things!