Ears To You Reveal

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Amy over at Copper Diem is hosting another
 "Ears To You" Blog Hop and today's the reveal!
Amy's always making tons of super cool earrings for charity and doing such good things for other people and I first heard of the Ears To You organization through her blog, Copper Diem, that I follow.
Ears To You is a wonderful organization with a mission to provide earrings to lift the spirits of women who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  
Amy explained that Ears To You has expanded their organization to include children's hospitals - including the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation in Florida - and to help Ears to You with their work in these children's hospitals, Amy's blog hop will be focused on earrings for teen and 'tween girls this time around.
We were to make 3 to 5 pairs of teen/tween style earrings for the Ears To You organization and then post them on our own blogs and then link up to the blog hop over on her blog, Copper Diem.
So, here's my tween/teen earring donation for the
Ears To You organization:

Smaller versions of my own handcrafted, sterling silver ear wires  - for those tween/teen ears  - and little delicate pearls and Swarovski crystals of various shapes and colors.

And then of course I had to do some little Sleeping Beauty Turquoise earrings, too.  It's an Arizona thing! :-)
Once we created the earrings, we were to mail them off to Ears To You. Mine are being shipped out this week and I truly hope the girls who receive these like them!
Here's the Ears To You website link so that you can get involved too if you're so inclined!
Now, hop on over to Copper Diem and check out the other teen/tween earrings that were created for this super cause! 
And thanks Amy, for hosting this hop and for introducing more people to the Ears To You organization!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Earrings for Precious People!


  1. Beautiful, and for a worthy cause!

  2. these are beautiful! I'm sure some girls are going to LOVE these

  3. Beautiful earring Shell, I know the women getting these will be thrilled.

  4. These will definitely make the recipients feel beautiful!

  5. Those are fantastic! Love all the pearls especially! Thanks for participating!!

  6. What great earrings though I have to admit what caught my eye the most are those ear wires. They are just lovely.

  7. Your ear wires are fantastic, as are the earrings you created! Beautiful as always!

  8. Those are super sweet! I wanted to join in as well...but was deterred by the "nickel-free" requirement :( I don't make earwires, and not sure what else to get other than sterling (which i should have gone for, but haven't yet)

    LOVE the colors you picked for them!


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