Bridging the Gap,...

If you've followed my blog for any length of time,
 you've probably noticed that I'm a pearl lover.
(Understatement of the century for those of you who know me well, wouldn't you say??!)
 Along with pearls, I love to drool over jewelry photos.
Or the real thing when life permits.
 I love ALL kinds of jewelry.
Be it handcrafted, artisan jewelry created by all my very talented 'beady' friends or trendy costume jewelry or super, high-end luxury jewelry. 

I'm pretty much a stalker of all things jewelry related.
And styles, too.
I'm not what you would call 'picky' when it comes to what jewelry styles I like to ogle. What I actually wear, possibly, but not when it comes to getting my 'eye-candy' on.

Nope, I'm pretty easy.  
Sure, I have my favorites, but I'll take what I can get,
when and wherever I can get it.
In my extensive 'research' throughout the years
(yes, I call it research because this way I can justify all the 'jewelry-porn' that's on my computer!) I’ve seen tons of beautiful pieces of jewelry and I now have an extensive list of jewelry artists who I admire and look to for inspiration.
Although I love many different styles of jewelry, as I mentioned above, I do seem to be drawn to designers who can create a piece of jewelry and make it look ancient, worn, rugged or ‘rough’ (for lack of a better word), yet refined and elegant all at the same time.
I love seeing fresh, new pieces of jewelry that look as though they were crafted a century ago with just a couple of very simple tools, someone’s bare hands and a powerful imagination!  

Emanuela Duca Pearl Ring


Some of my favorite examples of these styles
are from designers such as  
Todd ReedSarah Graham and Emanuela Duca.

Sarah Graham Metalsmithing
I first witnessed Todd Reed’s dreamy rough diamond pieces in the pages of Modern Jeweler – possibly around 2007 or so, I can’t exactly recall (he has some cool rings on pages 73/74 of the May 2008 issue that I still drool over!).
Todd Reed Jewelry

Sadly this magazine, after 108 years of publishing, closed their doors in August of 2009.  (I think I may have had a glass of wine and a binge of chocolate eating in order to cope when I learned of this tragic news!)
Thankfully, JCK (Jewelers' Circular Keystone) is still on the scene and so the ‘eye-candy’ that I love to drool over and the designers I love to read about is still within reach.
In a pic I posted on Instagram the other day I mentioned my excitement at receiving the latest issue of JCK in the mail and was a bit surprised when a fellow jewelry friend of mine said she wasn’t quite sure she had ever heard of JCK magazine.
My Mail "Loot" The Other Day! ;-)
When I saw her comment, I wanted to do this post and share with all of you one of my favorite magazines and a true staple in my jewelry life.
And, even though you think it might be geared just towards the luxury jewelry industry and high-end jewelry stores and their owners, I’m here to tell you that no, it’s not.

Well, actually that is their target market, but just stay with me here and you’ll see where I’m going with this one.
Although I love all my jewelry crafting magazines, both online ones and ones in print, I’m excited and grateful that there's a high-end gem and jewelry trade publication like JCK; it fuels a different side of the 'jewelry geek' in me.
JCK has tons of marketing articles, trending news, legislature happenings, hot jewelry topics and trends, fabulous new designer info, insider tips of the trade, awesome photos to drool over and so much more.

It's all the information I search the Internet for,
all in one place!

Notice all the Gorgeous PEARLS on the Cover!!
Now, if you are only interesting in learning how to make jewelry and/or read jewelry crafting tutorials, 
then this won't likely be your cup of tea.

But, if you’re open to various styles of jewelry, things trending in the jewelry industry world-wide and of course, reading about up and coming designers (inspiration galore!), then you have to check it out.

So, follow their blog, sign up for their newsletters and devour ever issue.
They really are the Industry Authority – just like it says on their cover!
Okay folks, What are your ‘staples’?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what magazines, websites or other jewelry authorities you think are some of the best in the business and why. 

Time to ‘bridge the gap’ between handcrafted and luxury.
I mean after all, we do love the same thing!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Jewelry!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Modern Jeweler, Shel. I remember how much we loved to feature Todd Reed, Sarah Graham, Emanuel Duca, and so many other talented jewelry designers. Everyone who worked there still misses it too. Happy that JCK is thriving and bringing us gorgeous jewelry each month!

    1. Yes, I cherish all my back issues of Modern Jeweler and love to pull them out and leaf through them every now and then - it was an outstanding publication!! :-)

  2. ha! was it me that said that? might have been ... I hadn't heard of this one until I wrote the article on you :) I'm not sure I have any one source, I read tons of blogs, magazines and of course dig into history be it magazine, museum or otherwise. I love learning about the history behind things - especially jewelry! I saw some amazing Viking artifacts in Ireland

    1. Nope Cynthia, it wasn't you - it was over on Instagram. I do love the history info you always post and I bet the stuff you saw in Ireland was amazing!!

  3. Well, thank you very much, Shel. For giving me yet another avenue to increase my enjoyment and knowledge of jewelry. Never heard of this publication, but the website has plenty more to enjoy, even without having a magazine subscription (although that may be on the horizon too!). Some of the blogs look particularly interesting. Gracias!

    1. You're so very welcome Lynda - glad I was able to give you a new 'source' of inspiration and information!! It really is interesting and worth the read!

  4. I have never heard of JCK either, but I followed your link and I am intrigued! While I receive a few magazines "hard copy", I do so much "research" - (like you!) online it blogs, websites, magazines etc. I recently commented "to myself" that I have become way "too digital". My downtime everyday is the couch after dishes are done, etc. and that IPad of mine is firmly in my grip. I miss books and magazines! Love the Todd Reed rings - LOVE THEM!

    1. Patti - sign up for their newsletter or their blog posts, they really are full of some cool designs and ideas. And, Todd's creations are probably my favorite of all. I can't wait until my hubs finally gets me one of his famous rings, with a pearl I hope!!

  5. It was me!! I'm coming clean! :-) And I'm glad to know that my mentioning that I had not heard of JCK played a part in inspiring this awesome blog post, Shel! I'm all signed up to receive newsletters and in fact I already received my first one. I am a "researcher" too - and love to learn more when I can. I'm not sure how this resource slipped by me but it will nice angle - different from the how-to beading magazines. The designers you featured are amazing. I especially love the ring by Sarah Graham!

    1. It was! It was! :-) And yep, you sure did spur this. I've posted stuff about JCK before on my blog but didn't really have many people say anything, so I figured I should really do a more thorough post and see if it helps anyone find another jewelry/business resource. I love it. I'd love to go to the JCK show in Tucson this year, but since I'm not a high-end retail jewelry store owner buying inventory, an up and coming designer that they are featuring or a journalist for a super fashion/retail mag, I guess I'll just have to settle for reading about it over on the JCK blog and in the next issue of the magazine! :-) But oh how I'd love to attend that show and be a fly on the wall. Someday.

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