FOL 2014 - Week 2 - A Silhouette

*I'm having a bit of trouble lately with blogger and the internet in general this week. Windows 8.1 (what I have) updated my browser to ie11 and neither seems to be playing nicely w/others. And, after reading some forum posts and switching between google chrome and firefox, it doesn't appear they solve the problem either. So, if I cannot comment on your blog or you get multiple comments from me on yours or you can't comment on mine, etc., please understand that "it's all good folks!"  According to blogger and ms/ie - they know of the problem and it's going to take a while for the old browser applications everyone else has to 'catch up' they said.
I guess, from what I've read, I'm lucky I can even see my blog and post pics!*

For week 2 of the Focus on Life:2014 series, Sally's prompt for us was:
 A Silhouette
A photograph with a subject(s) captured in a shadowy outline with little or no detail against a bright background.
This week,"We are going to let all the flaws of the world fall away for a week and concentrate on  an image with no features,  just a simple silhouette". 
On my walks in the late afternoon each day I was trying to find a lovely saguaro to capture as a silhouette because they are so majestic, especially when captured this way, but nothing seemed to work out. 
It did lend me to take notice of things a bit more and be present and in the 'now' - like this challenge does each week - and I managed to capture a silhouette of a very tall palm tree.
Played around with a little bit of color and saturation here,....
But our ever-so-gorgeous Arizona Sunsets, which make the landscape one big silhouette, are my favorite.
Something I never tire of!
Our sunrises are equally as amazing!
In all it's glory,.....
Please check out all the Silhouettes everyone else was able to capture this week, won't you?
De-saturation photo using Sally's Tips / Video she provided this week!
Thanks Sally - this was cool!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Silhouettes!


  1. Like what you did with the photos. I do like the closeup of the palm, but the sunrise is truly spectacular.

  2. Sooo stunning,Michelle! My favorite is the stunning AZ sunset!

  3. Amazing how the same picture can evoke such different reactions with and without colour! Great silhouettes :)

  4. I love the dramatic effect of the black on white pictures, and this gorgeous sunset! How lucky you are!

  5. Wow, what stunning photographs - although I love the vibrant colours of the sunset, it also works so well and looks so dramatic in black and white.

  6. That sunrise picture is stunning in both black & white and colour! And you can never go wrong with a palm tree! Would love to live somewhere that they grow!

  7. The sunrise picture is really spectacular in color, but also like the black and white one.

  8. Gorgeous photos. I always like a sunrise photo in all the wonderful colors, and it looks just as lovely in black and white.

  9. Replies
    1. Too funny, Patty. I like blogger when it works. I like my computer and even windows 8.1 (gasp!) when they work, too. It's technology that glitches up and turns me into a raving nut case that I'm not fond of!! LOL!! ;-)

  10. Ooh I love the palm tree and what a wowee sunset! Even desaturated that sunset looks fab.

  11. I like all of your shots Shel. I too am having issues with the update to ie11

  12. Wow! I'm a sunrise/sunset freak and love your photos. With or without color, the silhouettes are striking!

  13. Wow, Shel! While that sunset is glorious in color, it is truly spectacular in black and white too. Really great photos this week!

  14. Gorgeous sunset in colour and black and white. The shapes of the trees make stunning silhouettes.

  15. Lovely photos, Michelle. I can see why you never tire of the scenery around you.


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