FOL14 - Expression

It's week 12 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of
"Checking Out" for the month of March.
This week's prompt was:
"Whether is is someone by themselves, interacting with others or (this is always the best) the way they interact with their animals;  the way a person expresses themselves is always so interesting.  This week we are checking out expression.   There are many definitions of expression and it doesn't have to be a capture of the face."
So, I captured two snapshots of Mike.
One of him working in the garage on some pewter skulls for me.
And, one of him helping me with
my apple pie crust.
A very 'serious' expression in both
pics if you ask me.
But, then I thought of these two silly kids.
My son and his girlfriend - what a cute and funny couple!

Yep. They make me smile!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Expression Fun!


  1. wow - I love all these photos!!!! Yes, your man is quite serious, but I love his serious determination!!

  2. I love looking at people who are in the zone as your husband is. And what a versatile guy -- from skulls to pie crust! That is a great collage of your son and his girlfriend - my fav is the top left. Great photos this week!

  3. Great photos! Lucky for you that your hubby helps make pies. And your son and his girlfriend are a cute couple.

  4. They make me smile too!! What a cute couple! Your Mike might look serious, but he's doing something for you which is serious business! Awesome photos this week :)

  5. Great photos! You captured both ends of the expressive spectrum!

  6. They are an adorable couple and it looks. Like they probably keep you laughing! What more could you ask in a girlfrieNd for him?

  7. What a nice display! The young couple is very cute.

  8. I love that your hubby has the same expression on his face for skulls and pies! And the collage is a perfect depiction of young love.

  9. You can really see that your husband really gets into any project he works on And the pictures of your children is priceless.

  10. She has a lovely smile and your husband looks 'happier' making the pie than he does in the garage!

  11. Such intensity whether pewter or pie!
    The kids are adorable


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