FOL14- Week 17 - Evening Moments

Continuing with April's theme of 'Moments', Sally, over at The Studio Sublime, gave us this prompt for week 17 of the Focus on Life: 2014 weekly photography challenge:
Evening Moments
"There is a moment when the day begins to quietly slip away from the earth and the calm of evening floods over the land.  Colors deepen, stars peek through pin holes in a twilight sky.  We begin to exhale and slowly let the world of the day slide from our shoulders."
Dusk, next to dawn,
is my favorite time of day.

Especially in the desert.
For my birthday last month, my sister took me to the Desert Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly Exhibit
His glass sculptures are out of this world!
It was so cool to see how the sculptures mimicked the desert vegetation.

We went an hour or so before sunset and enjoyed all the beautiful flowers blooming on the various cactus.
Then, as the sun settled down and the day turned into evening, we were able to see "Chihuly After Dark".
It was a breathtaking 
Evening Moment in the desert.
This one was my favorite. The way the sunlight glistened off the tips of the glass as day turned into night
made for a very special moment indeed!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Life's Evening Moments!


  1. oh Shel this is gorgeous! I am a huge fan of Chihuly! I would love to see this, and more pictures of your favorite subject: dawn / sunset (besides pearls of course!) what amazing photos that really capture the beauty of this place

    1. Yes Cynthia, it was gorgeous. And it was the perfect temperature and the desert was all in bloom - it was just heaven that night! I think this exhibit is going on through May 5th or something like that. I wouldn't mind going back again because it really was that nice!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos!! Just love those glass sculptures :)

  3. AMAZING photos. You have quite a few prize ones there. I saw the Chihuly exhibit a couple years ago when it was part of the holiday luminaria and that was pretty special too. I can't even imagine what it takes to transport those items let alone create them!

  4. Gorgeous desert scenes, and I love the amazing glass sculptures! I wish I could see that in person.

  5. Your photos this week are beautiful, torn between the close up of the cactus flower and the last photo as being my favorite. And the Chihuly Exhibit is amazing.

  6. Gorgeous! I love Chilhuly's glass work it is AMAZING and with each photo you captured his work beautifully! Wonderful evening moments!

  7. Wow, those glass sculptures are beyond amazing! How wonderful of your sister to take you there. Fabulous photos, Shel!!

  8. AWESOME photos this week Shel. I have seen a few photos of the Chihuly exhibit but they were not as good as your. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. By the way a belated Happy Birthday.

  9. Wowee! Your photos are amazing this week and that glass work is breath taking!

  10. Now that is a place I'd love to see. I like your all your photos but the night time ones are spectacular.

    Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing Focus on Life 2014)

  11. Great pictures - beautiful glass!

  12. I wish I could see this in real! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.


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