FOL14 - Week 22 -

May's topic for the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge is 
'In, At and About' 
and for week 22, Sally (The Studio Sublime) gave us this prompt:

"This week we are focusing on what is IN Bloom!"

The only thing blooming here in the desert right now is the heat.

Well, there's tons of saguaro blooms that are looking pretty awesome right now, but I couldn't capture a good pic of those this week.
And, bougainvilleas and bird of paradise are always in bloom here when it's summer and super hot, but the pics I took of those didn't come out as well as this shot of one of the last roses in our rose bush. 

The pics from the top looking down on the rose showed all the scorched petals, so I chose this angle because it looked the prettiest!

Okay, back to the bloomin' heat!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beauty In Bloom!

*A little side note,...
Today would have been my Dad's 95th Birthday. 

Happy Birthday Dad!! 
Miss you so much - every single day! 
May 31st, 1979- My 8th Grade Graduation and my Dad's 60th Birthday


  1. The rose is lovely. And what a great photo of you and your dad.

  2. Love the perspective on your rose. I don't see many of them out here - you must have a green thumb. Sweet pic of you and your Dad, too. Looks like you had the Farah hair going on - pretty!

  3. I love the angle of the rose in your photo. Plus the one of you and your dad is priceless.

  4. Your angle on the rose makes it look downright uplifting! Nice picture tribute to your dad,

  5. Beautiful rose shot and the memory of your father and you. Sending you some cool thoughts from Oregon.

  6. I love that angle, you would never know it was scorched on top! That's a sweet photo of you and your dad. :)

  7. That's a beautiful angle to shoot the rose from. Lovely picture.

  8. What a glorious rose and you are just blooming in the photo with your dad.

  9. Lovely Rose... All I have is wild roses. Nice shot of you and your dad!


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