A Simple Window

For the month of September our theme for the Focus on Life:2014 weekly photography challenge is:


and this week, week 37,   
Sally gave us this topic:

 A Window

The windows on the tree house are pretty special. They are some of the windows from Grandma Emma's original cabin that was built in the 1950's up near my sister and brother-in-law's cabin.  

Despite the fact that, due to it's size, there were relatively few structures lost during Arizona's largest wildfire to date - the 2011 Wallow Fire - Grandma Emma's was one of the few cabins that burned completely to the ground. 

The only thing left was the fireplace.

The Fireplace  - 3 Years After The Fire

At least that's what we thought at first. 

And then we all remembered that the tree house windows belonged to the original cabin. 

The Tree House - with the original Hindman Cabin windows!!

So, they not only provide a view, 
they also provide a 'window to the past'. 

Let's see what other windows every one else has captured this week.

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Window Happiness!


  1. Love the treehouse - it looks like a flying boat!! Great photos, as always :)

  2. Cute tree house... and so glad something else was saved from your grandmothers cabin!

  3. I'm glad the windows from the old cabin were saved and the tree house was not harmed.

  4. I thought your tree house was pretty special before I heard about the windows and know I realize it is even more-so. What a lovely post and wonderful reminder of your grandma's cabin. Did you manage to salvage any of the chimney?

  5. How nice that you can remember the old cabin in this way! The tree house looks cozy!

  6. That you used the windows for the tree house is just cool. Not so cool that the cabin was lost.

  7. You have a tree house!!!!! How cool is that! I would love to have one to put my studio in. Very awesome that the windows of the "past" now show the "present" Awesome post. Thanks!

  8. What a great way of looking at the future and revisiting the past. I would love such a tree house!

  9. oh I remember you posting about this fire - so glad you have a bit of the old house in those windows!


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