A Tutorial For You On A Snowy Day!

Since moving from sunny Arizona back to my small hometown in central Illinois last fall (yep, I moved back to 'Mayberry'!) I've come to appreciate the beauty of winter again. 

Atlanta, Illinois - Photo Credit: Marsha Hindman


A while back, my brother-in-law asked me how I was adjusting to the mid-west weather and small town living again. 

 "I decided, no matter what, I'm going to find the beauty in every day", I answered. 

His reply, "Well then, don't look in the mirror, Shelly!"


Yep, gotta love 'Old Man River'.   He comes up with the best comebacks and can make you laugh at just about anything. Even yourself.

So today, as we started getting hit with freezing temps, gusting winds, icy rain and snow flurries, I saw the beauty in the snowy white scene outside and went to go look for some fun, white pearl earrings to wear today.

I came across these beauties in my jewelry box. 

These white, cascading Keshi Pearl earrings are the first piece of jewelry I ever had published in a jewelry magazine - BeadStyle Magazine - and I thought they were very appropriate for today. 
Just the way the snow is dancing and sparkling in the wind outside, these Keshi Pearl earrings will be dancing and sparkling on my shoulders, making today bright and sunny, even in the dead of winter! 

You can make your very own pair of these fun, flirty earrings and have a beautiful, winter-white day while still remaining warm and toasty!
Just hop on over to Kalmbach Publishing's Jewelry and Beading Store HERE and grab this tutorial and create a pair, or two!

And, created with white keshi pearls, this Keshi Necklace by Naomi Fujimoto would be the perfect one to pair with your newly created earrings!

Necklace by Naomi Fujimoto - BeadStyle Magazine

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fun with Pearls!


  1. these are gorgeous! I can see why they were published. I didn't realize you were IL ... in the coooold weather! It was hard to adjust for me when we moved from SF to CT. I'm still not sure I'm use to this weather - ha

    1. Yes Cynthia, it's been challenging. Thank goodness they've had a very mild winter! :-)

  2. Wow, you moved!!! I'll miss those stunning Arizona sunsets you used to post! The earrings are beautiful and remind me of drifting snow...so perfect for a snowy day!

    1. Thank you Annette! I already miss the stunning AZ sunsets, but I've been pleasantly surprised at the sunrises and sunsets around here so far,...not quite as good as AZ's but better than I remember as a child, that's for sure!

  3. I think of you often in my old "home state" this winter (I was born in Chicago)! You are the Queen Pearls, lady - beautiful design!

  4. Hi there, Shel! I was checking your blog periodically but missed these posts until I saw your note. Wow - you sure made a dramatic life adjustment. It sounds like you have family close by which is nice and helps when you find yourself missing AZ. Just think about the weather here in the summer.... Great to see you back online and I look forward to reading more about your Illinois adventures.


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