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Focus on Life: Week 36 - In Two

This week's prompt from Sally over at
The Studio Sublime for Week 36 of the
In Two
"This week, let's focus on things in twos!"
And this is exactly what I've been doing ALL WEEK LONG! 
Yep,  over 160+ pairs of 'twos' to be exact.
Ear Wires Galore!

But I thought these 'Two' were much more fun (and cute!) so I decided to get a pic of them as well.
Say hello to Coco and Kiki, our Peach Faced Lovebirds. 
Coco and Kiki
Coco's 7 years old and Kiki is just 1 year old.  Kiki's a bit more camera shy than Coco.  And, she's got 4, (possibly 5 now, I haven't checked this morning) little eggs she's sitting on.
Not sure if they'll develop - her last few batches (or what ever you call them) didn't.  But she's a really good Mama and sits on them almost all day for a few of weeks until she realizes they're not going to amount to anything. 
Not sure if I'm ready for 'Grand-Birdies' or not,....
I'm down in Tucson this weekend for the Fall Gem, Jewelry and Bead Shows they're having (insert happy squeal here!) and I think I'll find at least "Two" perfect pearls to put on a pair of those ear wires but I may not make it around to every one's posts until Monday when I return.
In the meantime, why don't you hop on over to The Studio Sublime and see what other 'twos' popped up in every one's lives this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and 'Two' Much  Fun!