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Focusing on Life: Week 47 - Centerpiece

It's week 47 for the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly photo challenge hosted by Sally over at The Studio Sublime and our prompt this week was:
"This week focus on what is the centerpiece, the central, most important feature in your day, week, life!  It makes you comfortable, brings you joy, brings you peace of mind, or is simply a place of comfort."
For me, this one was easy! Well, I thought it was going to be anyway.
These two. Yep - they're my "Centerpiece". My hub. My Rock. My World. My Everything!
My Goofy Boys!!
Only they're not much into having their photo snapped. I told them I didn't want to 'cheat' this week and use a photo of them that I already had and so they had better stand there and let me take their picture!
So they agreed. But only for a second.
And only for 1 photo they said.
Well, I think it was about 5 seconds, then they bolted so I couldn't get a second shot! Stinkers!
I played around with some editing and overlays, etc. I used one called 'Logan' on Pixlr. How appropriate, eh?!
And here's the rest of my "Centerpiece".  This was taken at our family reunion this summer up near my sis's cabin. With the exception of just a few who weren't able to make it, it's my sister and our two brothers and their families. These wonderful people are also my 'Centerpiece' and part of my 'Everything'!
I'm going to be spending Thanksgiving with some of these folks. Wishing I could spend it with all of them, but grateful for those of us that will be together! 
I'm wishing all of you here in the U.S. a wonderful Thanksgiving Day this Thursday and a fun, yet relaxing, holiday weekend.
May you have the luxury of spending time with your family, friends and those you are close to and may you be healthy, happy and 'full' of love and light!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Finding Center!