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Suburban Girl Studio Design Team - Fall Reveal!

November 1st! I know, huh?!  Where has the year gone?
Lucky for you, it's time for the 
Suburban Girl Studio Design Team's
Fall Reveal!

Diana from Suburban Girl Studio sent me one
of her Heart Shaped Pendants - Sweet!!

This time, I sort of knew what I wanted to do, so once I got started designing (which wasn't until the last minute!)
it went pretty smoothly.
I was lucky enough this go-around
to supply each member of the group with one of
my copper swirl clasps.

I wanted to make a couple of my own components this time too, so I wire wrapped this cool little rock that I found on one of our last outings in the desert and I created a Sari Silk, wire and bead wrapped 'bead', too.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and my sister and I usually take a sister's trip and head some place here in the state that cools off enough to have the leaves change
and actually look and feel (temperature wise) like fall.

This is a pic of Sedona from one of our trips a few years back.

Autumn in Sedona, Arizona
Photo my Michelle Buettner
The blue sky, the red rocks, the colors of the trees.

 It was my inspiration for this piece.

The Hubby and I were married in Sedona 18 years ago this past September.

Sedona is a beautiful place - during any season!

Thanks to Diana of Suburban Girl Studio
for having me along for the ride this year.

It's been a blast creating designs with her
gorgeous pendants and components!

Hop on over to the other team member's
sites and see all their great designs!

**Special Note**  Team members Sandra Miller & Jan Onipenco are currently out of power  due to Hurricane Sandy and will post when they're back up and running.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are affected from this storm.**
Suburban Girl Studio Design Team

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Fall Fun!

SGS Design Team - Component Preview!

Look what I received in the mail not long ago!
(Happy Squeals!!) 
Brown Stoneware Pendant by Diana of Suburban Girl Studio
It's the component for the
I know,....It's so beautiful and perfect, isn't it?! 
Diana creates such lovely pieces!
You really should hop on over to her Etsy Bead Shop and check out her work - you won't be sorry!
Oh, and a little side-note,...everyone on the design team got one of my 'blackened' copper swirl clasps
to add to their fall design.  
I thought that was nice of Diana to let me include one for everybody.
Hop back on over here on Thursday, November 1st and see what everyone on the team has designed for fall.
Fall's one of my favorite themes to design around, so I'm excited about this. 
Guess it's time to get my bum in gear and get busy, huh?!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and "Hearting" Falling Leaves!!