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Knotty Board Fun!

I'm sure you've all heard me mention how I absolutely LOVE the waxed jewelry cord Sandra over at The Knotty-Do-It-All carries (it's great for knotting gemstones and some of my large hole pearls!) and how I love both my large and small Knotty-Do-It-All boards

So, last year when I saw Sandra was carrying some great 'Tassel Cord', well, of course I had to place an order and try it out. 

Here's a photo of two tassels I completed with the Knotty-Do-It-All board using Sandra's instructions.

I haven't yet completed necklaces to go with these - bad me!!

 The cord feels great and it works up perfectly into tassels which have that 'swing' you want a tassel to have. (yes!)

Tassel Cord from The Knotty-Do-It-All

I got quite a few colors, but I might have to go back for more - they're all so yummy!! 

So, if you're making tassel necklaces (like, who isn't these days?!) and stocking up on supplies you'll need for the 'holiday times' then you're gonna want to grab up some of these spools of tassel cord. 

I use my Knotty-Do-It-All boards quite frequently while making knotted jewelry. It's easy, fun and the quality of these boards and the accessories which accompany them are really great.

Here's some pieces of jewelry I've created with the help of The Knotty-Do-It-All Boards.

Also, most of these designs were created using either the waxed jewelry cord or the nylon cord Sandra has over in her shop.

Oh, and here's my little 'disclaimer'.  
"I did this review of my own free will and spoke completely freely 
about my feelings regarding the product(s) I mentioned here today, because yes, I really use them
and yes, I absolutely love them!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and KNOTTY Beads and Pearls, Baby!


Just a short drive north of Phoenix and Scottsdale on Cave Creek Road, amidst the beautifully rugged Arizona Desert, in the Red Truck Trading shopping area of Cave Creek sits Etania Gems, an upscale boutique that's a feast for your eyes! 
Photos Courtesy of Etania Gems
(Taken during their Grand Opening last year)
Etania Gems offers exquisite gemstone jewelry designs in sterling silver, handcrafted cloth and leather bags, various accessories and now,
Hand-Knotted Pearls by MiShel Designs.
I'm excited to offer my Hand-Knotted Pearl Designs Exclusively for Etania Gems at
6501 E. Cave Creek Road, Ste. #6,
Cave Creek, AZ 85331.

When you're in the area, please stop in and say hello to Lisa, (owner of Etania Gems) and ask to see her MiShel Designs Hand-Knotted Pearls!

You will just drool over all the gorgeous pieces she and various artists have created for her boutique - they're simply amazing!
Oh, and don't forget to say hello to Kaiah, too!!

Cute little Kaiah!  Photo Courtesy of Etania Gems

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!