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Happy New Year!

From Me To You,...
May 2013 Be Your Best Year Yet!

Peace, Love, Health and Happiness!

Time to Pause,....

Sometimes ya just gotta sit back and say
"That's it! Time to take a break!"

Time to get things done around the home and for the family (and myself!) that need to be done and everything else can just be on "pause".

Here's what I'm dreaming of and what I'm looking forward to as I enter into my Winter Holiday!

Looking forward to spending time at the Cabin and
hanging with family and sledding and making snow angels!

Looking forward to sipping hot cocoa and schnapps w/my hubby in the treehouse!

Looking forward to smothering these
two wild kiddos with hugs and kisses!!

Looking forward to spending time with my hubby and son
and all my family for the holidays!

What are some of the things you're dreaming of this Winter Holiday Season?  Any plans? 
Sharing times with family and friends?
Being Creative and Enjoying Every Moment??

Well, whatever it is, I hope it's amazing and wonderful and that 2012 is one of the best yet!!

(This doesn't mean I won't be back to say a few things between now and the end of the year,... it's just time to take a break and enjoy what's right in front of me for a spell!)

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Living in the Moment!

Jump Right In!

Step on up and JUMP right in!

We've got quite a few folks signed up to participate in one capacity or another and although most of the particpants are jewelry and/or bead and supplies related, I'm still getting people leaving comments and emailing me with their information - so it's not too late for you to jump in, too!

You can read all about the Holiday Shop Hop 2011 Right HERE!

It's taking place for one weekend (2 days) on
Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th.

There are several of you who have passed this information on to your friends and fellow online artisans - THANK YOU!!

This was just my small way to try and help after I read several posts and forums in respect to people wondering what they could do to try and affectively drive more traffic to their sites for the upcoming Holidays.

So, head on over to the original post and after reading it and checking out the details, go ahead and sign up! 
And, feel free to email me with questions!

Until Next Time,


Miss Layla thinks you should join in the fun
with the Holiday Shop Hop 2011 this season!

Pretty Things!

I've got another wonderful client to feature today - Patricia Barden from Etsy

I'm grateful that Pat has used some of my earring wires in her fabulous designs and wanted to share them with you.

These stones pop with natural colors and would make great gifts for the upcoming winter holidays!

Think of chilly winter weather and then put these on and they instantly warm up your day!!  With their great organic look, they can be paired easily with either jeans and sweater or a nice dress, tights and your new favorite boots!!

There's also some really cool necklaces over at Patricia's shop, too - very unique, with cool stones and colors mixed together - go check 'em out!  Perfect for some attention getting!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Great Designs!