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Jewelry of the Day (or week, rather)

It's time to share more "Jewelry of the Day" shots.

Last week was pretty much all about pearls.
No surprise for you there. 
I mean, when is it not about pearls for me, right?

Even though my day-job is based out of my home, I still dress for work. I'm always pretty casual (jeans or long skirts can be seen most days) but I come to work 'put together' and of course that means jewelry.

I used to wear the same jewelry day in and day out, but for the past several months I've been wearing more of the jewelry that's in my collection (mine and other designers) and trying different styles and colors to see what works and what doesn't for me. 
It's been fun and a bit of an eye-opener, too.
I am still very much a 'Plain Jane' though.
Not straying too far from my 'jewelry comfort zone'.
If you care to follow along, you can catch me on Instagram
(thank you Samantha!!).
I've also got a Jewelry of the Day board over on Pinterest.
And then there's always Facebook.
You'll catch shots there every once in a while, too.
I really gotta quit messing around w/overlays, etc. on Pixlr! LOL!!
Please, join in the fun and post pics back.
I'd love to see what Jewelry you're wearing for the day! 
Earrings by Jennifer Hanscom of Jenuine Article and
Copper Owl Pendant by Kristi Bowman of Kristi Bowman Designs
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Pearls, Baby!!

Hidden in the Hills - Studio Tour

I just wanted to give a shout out to all those here in Arizona and let you know that the 17th Annual Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour and Sale is happening again this weekend, November 29th, 30th and December 1st.
Presented by the  Sonoran Arts League, this Favorite Fall Event spotlights artists of all mediums in and around the Carefree, Cave Creek and North Scottsdale areas. 
The self-guided tour of 46 studios and 168 working artists is a staple each fall in this area the weekends before and after Thanksgiving.
This exciting event provides a unique art experience allowing you the opportunity to interact with the artists and see first hand their creative process. 
This is the perfect outing for the family, art enthusiasts and serious collectors and gives you the chance to view and purchase many of these phenomenal items.
And, best of all, it's free! 
I have three very talented friends who are studio #18 this year on the tour and I wanted to show you a glimpse into their studio show and creative world!

I can't even begin to tell you how talented these three women are. Their work as jewelry artists is incredible, but they do so much more than jewelry, and man is their art superb!!
From glass to metal, casting to sculptures,...these innovative women have more talent in their little pinky fingers than I could ever hope to possess. Yes,...I am in awe of them. Rightly so. Take a look:
Jennifer Hanscom
Judy Carr

Patricia Shepherd
Their studio this year is located at Pat's Desert Jewel Studio in Cave Creek. 
I'm just happy to get to see their creations first hand.
And touch things,....yes I fondled their wares!
And drooled!
So, after you've stuffed your belly with some good turkey and fought the rush of crowds in the big box stores, do yourself and your family a favor,....go check out all the artist participating in Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour this year.
Shop Local. Shop Small Business.
Shop Handmade (True Handmade!) 
Keep The Creative Arts Alive!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Enjoying the Arts!

Laughter Really Is,.....

It's been a hard week for me since the tragedy last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I know it really affected a lot of people all over the world. 
I haven't been able to watch any of the news reports on the victims, their families or any of the 'goings on' since a couple of days afterwards. The hubby's a heart attack survivor with a defib in his chest, so he can't watch either - it hurts his heart and that's not a good thing.  

Plus, we've got a teenage son whose own high school was on the news this week with word spreading of a possible threat to the school and/or students (they beefed up police patrol/security and every one's assured us things will be fine) and so tuning out most of the media do-da has been a priority.
I did make an effort - socially - to do a few FB posts, to comment on people's blogs and their FB posts and things like that, but it just felt so trivial.
I realized as I went about finishing up my Christmas card writing and packaging up things to mail off to family who live out of state, that I was completely engulfed in a total 'funk' if you will, of doom, gloom and sadness. Not to say that it wasn't appropriate given all the beautiful lives that were taken recently, but being depressed and 'out of it' wasn't helping anyone, especially my family and those I care about.

And, as the fates would have it, as I pushed forward and was editing some pics to get my next blog post ready, the photos I was working on brought back some wonderful memories and an excellent reminder.

It reminded me that even in the wake of change, whether that change is something we find negative, neutral or strange, hard to grasp, or what ever, laughter and humor are the best way to recover and carry on.
To 'adjust our sails', as I like to think of it.

I'm talking humor that makes you roll with laughter - true, tickle your belly, gasp for air, laughter!!

Like what you see here.
Jen, Denise, Shelly and Kathy
Creative U Holiday Party - December 2012
It's pretty obvious that Jen and I are on our own little "planet" in the photos here,...well, Kathy eventually gets our humor a bit, too, but Denise is the only one even remotely concerned that my hubby's standing around, some what patiently, trying to snap a good pic of us (at our request!), no avail! LOL!!

This was a fun night filled with tons of laughter, great moments and wonderful energy!

These photos represent some change as well. This was the Creative U Holiday Party and Gift Exchange (Jen's holding one of Mike's 'Stash Sticks' from the White Elephant Swap) last week and it's the last one we're having because Kathy has announced that she's closing Creative U as of December 31st, 2012.   :-(

So, no more fun classes, no more laughter in the studio, no more exploding kilns (unless Jen comes to my house and has fun with mine!), no more yummy chocolate breaks in the middle of teaching class,'s the end of an amazingly creative and fun place.
But, where there's laughter among friends and creative spirits, memories to share, hugs to give and love to bind,....there's always more adventures on the horizon!

Thinking of the fun times refreshed my spirit and reminded me that it's okay to go on and not feel guilty for things I'm blessed to have in my life, my child, my husband and my wonderful family and friends. And that sending love and prayers out to those who are hurting is needed, but to laugh is to heal. I believe it's also a way to honor those who've gone before us, for I think they'd want us to be happy and laugh instead of cry!
So I wish you all much love and laughter,.....healing laughter that tickles your tummy and immerses you in those wonderfully fun moments you will cherish for a life time!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Letting Laughter Heal Your Soul!

Get To Class!

Yes, it's about time for school to start.
At least it is here in AZ - August 3rd for some folks.
Seems a tad bit too early doesn't?  

Anyhoo,....while the kiddos will be hearing "Get to Class!" you can get to class too - at Creative U

Creative Fun!

Time to take advantage of the great prices they have on their super creative classes and learn a new technique or perfect an old one!

So True,...So True!

The instructors have a way of sharing their knowledge in a fun and exciting atmosphere that is sparked with energy yet comfortable and relaxed at the same time - it's a very cool place!

Jen, Denise and Lasso at Creative U

Seriously, you can walk into Creative U and not know a soul and walk out feeling like you just had a great afternoon with your best friends! 

Why not get your feet wet and join me for a fun class on Saturday, August 18th from 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. while we smack some metal around, create our own button clasps and tie some cool knots together to create a multi-strand beaded bracelet that is easy and stylish!?!

Knot Your Mom's Beaded Bracelet Class - Creative U - Carefree, Arizona
Saturday, August 18th, 2:00p.m. - 5:00p.m.
Instructor:  Michellle (Shelly) Buettner

Hop on over to the Creative U website by clicking the link here to find out more and sign up.  You'll be very glad you did! 

You can create a bracelet similar to this one!

And, check out all the other great classes coming in August - you won't want to miss these, either!

Knot Your Mom's Beaded Bracelet Class - Creative U

Kathy, Jen and Denise are super and if you have any questions - just call 'em up and chat! 

Shelly Buettner and Jen Hanscom - Creative U - May 2012

Oh, and don't forget to say hello to Lasso!

Lasso says "hi"

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun at Creative U!