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Look What I WON!

These are the goodies I won from Kristi Bowman Designs over on Dreamsome Designs Blog (plus a couple of added things I just HAD to purchase!)  Are they just the coolest ever, or what?! 

I'm sure you can imagine how excited and lucky I felt when I received all these gorgeous hand crafted components this week - I mean, really!!?!! My mind is swirling with all the potential. 

Here's a little secret - these are the exact pieces I would make,...if only I could. Or should I say, if I dared.  I have PMC, I just don't work with it very often because I think I'm not that good at it, even though I had a wonderful teacher! (Kathy Hunter, please take a bow!)

Kristi's "Snake Charms" are my favorite - look at them - they're fabulous!!  But since I have absolutely no neck what so ever, and I do want earrings, I will save those for something else and use these ever amazing squares and make them into some cool earrings for myself.  They'll probably become my 'everyday' earrings - I tend to wear the same thing each day while I work and these would be perfect and very cool looking, don't you think?!

Anyhoo - I'm excited about all these pieces and I was dreaming of things to do w/them. I kinda think it's a bit "cheesy" to make a piece of jewelry with something you've won and then sell it on your online store (just my own opinion - to each his/her own!)  so I decided I will keep the squares for myself and make gifts with the rest of these wonderful treasures!!  I might just end up having to keep something else too - we'll see! :) What's your opinion on selling your 'winnings' - is it cool or not, or does it depend on the situation? Give me some insight here folks.

So, I'm off to make a cool pair of earrings w/these amazing squares - got a date tonight w/the hubby!

I wish you all a very Safe, Fun and Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Enjoy your last 'true summer weekend' and create it beautifully!!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Lovely Gifts of Labor!!

Something to drool over,...

Since my elbow is a bit under the weather (long, boring story, trust me - and now comes the part where you can all crack some jokes!) I've been reduced to laying down my jewelry pliers for a few days and picking up my camera and finally snapping some pics of the gorgeous little treasures I snatched up while freezing my buns off down in Tucson during the gem show.

Mind you, this is only a sneak peak, but I wanted to post a couple of shots to help you start drooling this week - incase you had a boring Monday or something!

Anyhoo,...I'll leave you with these, explanations needed, right?!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and healing vibes! (and drooling mouths!)