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Pearls: From the Office to Happy Hour

The Right to Bare Arms! Remove your suit jacket and show off your bare arms by taking your long, chocolate pearls from around your neck and wrap them around your wrist for a bold, trendy look. At the office this type of style can get in the way when you’re typing or making a presentation, but after work, it’s a total eye-catcher as you sip your fashionable drink or are introduced to new, interesting people!
Chain Gang! Stuff your long, rocker-style chains in your purse and throw them on after work with your pearls and you’re ready for tonight’s mixer. While you show off your chic, trendy side, your pearls highlight the softness of your face against the night lights of the city and you’re seen as instantly classic, sexy and vibrant!

Largely Inappropriate! The larger the better, right? Well, with pearls, that can be true! Put your largest pearls on first, closest to your neck, with your smaller, longer ones on next,…draping all the way down to your navel! Draws the eyes,…doesn’t it? (Caution – this is a complete no-no at work – save it for after hours!)

Time to Get Colorful! Stuffy white pearls (which are so classic and essential to your every day style, don’t get us wrong!) look fabulous all dressed up next to colorful gemstones and wild metals. Wear your ‘halter style’ top with your cardigan and “stuffy whites” at the office and then ditch the cardigan in your bag and mix it up by throwing on your ultra-rich “Tahitian” colored pearls and blackened metal chain mixed with natural, chunky gemstones such as labrodorite, smoky quartz or amethyst! Bold, colorful and chic!
Rich and Good Looking! Great combination,….with,…um,…jewelry! Punch up your after work style by taking that long, single strand of pearls and throwing on some gold chains, a pearl and gold cocktail ring and some large, gold and pearl hoops for an extraordinarily warm and rich look!

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New Trends

I just came across this article in the Open Forum that I'd like to pass on:

Trends: New Luxury

It's loaded with info on how the trend on luxury goods and services is shifting and how smaller businesses are taking new and innovative steps in capturing a broader clientele.

I found certain portions greatly beneficial to the "Pearl Buyer Representative" area of my business where I assist clients with shopping for and purchasing luxury pearl jewelry and accessories.

Click on over and check it out and see how you might be able to apply some of the suggestions to your business and possibly create new ways in which to assist your clients!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Pearls Baby!!


We're Back From the Gem and Mineral Show

We're back from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with all our 'treasures' - lots of pretty pearls, gemstones and more! (pictures in another entry - I promise)

We're going to be posting some links and photos of a few of the great people/vendors we met while at the gem show, too - so stay tuned for that as well. We would like you to have the opportunity to visit their websites or local shops if you're in their area - so we'll get some of these up with in the week.

Also, come March, we're going to be doing some jewelry fashion reviews, telling you about some really cool designers (both established ones and up-and-coming ones!), and gathering information to share with you regarding spring and summer's latest trends and what to watch for through out the year, so check back often!

Until next time!

Peace, Love and Pearls!