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Spreading the LOVE in 2012,....

This is kind of like my Friday's Fab Favorites again.  I wanted to share a few sites that I love to go check out and read - they're fabulous, have great content and some of them are even having give-a-ways and challenges to boot! 

Regina's Writings - LOVE her blog!  She has gorgeous jewelry and shares wonderful content and right now she's having a great Give-A-Way on her blog if you leave a comment and tell her about your New Year's Plans - so head on over there right now.

The necklace she's giving away is beautiful!!

Regina's Writings - Blog Give-A-Way

Michelle Mach's blog Beads and Books is always a fun place to check out and right now she's having a Valentine's challenge and it's not a bead challenge either!

Michelle Mach's Valentine's Challenge

And, it's FREE!  (Can you believe I'm posting something that's not related to jewelry in some fashion?)   Check out the cool challenge she's got going on and join in the fun!

Then, you know what's coming up right? 

Yep, it's the
and registration starts this weekend! 

It's gotten absolutely HUGE the last couple of times she's hosted this awesome event and so this time it's going to be run by a lottery to keep it down to a do-able size for everyone. 

So, head on over to Lori's Blog between 
and then hold your lucky rabbit's foot or whatever else you do for luck and pray you're one of the fortunate 200 who are randomly picked!!  I participated this past fall and had a wonderful partner and a great time!

Lori does an excellent job of keeping everything fair, fun and fantastic!! (what a job though - I cannot even begin to imagine all she goes through to accomplish such a wonderful event!) And, even if I don't get to participate this go-around, I'm really looking forward to the reveal date on March 3rd (Just a few weeks prior to my birthday!) when everyone's creations will be revealed and I can drool over all the fabulous designs everyone creates - that part is SOOO much fun, let me tell you!!

I love sharing what other's are doing out there on the web in 'Jewelry and Craft Land' because there's so many talented people with awesome give-a-way, challenges, ideas and fun parties going on - what's not to love about all of them!

Drop me a line and let me know what you've got going on over on your blog and I'll do a little mention here or on my MiShel Designs Facebook Page and I'll send a couple of Tweets out into Cyberland for you as well! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Spreading the LOVE in 2012!!


With Much Gratitude

It was brought to my attention that I hadn't properly thanked all the wonderful people who helped me with the Holiday Shop Hop that's taking place here on my blog tomorrow and Sunday, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do so!

First and foremost, to everyone who’s blindly jumped in to participate and make this little shop hop a fun event this weekend. Thank you so VERY much!

You’ve tweeted, you’ve facebooked, you’ve blogged, and talked, and emailed and shared the information for the Holiday Shop Hop with so many people and it will be thanks to all of your brilliant efforts when it’s a success! 


Next I’ve got a little “private list” of peeps that have listened to my long, drawn out and rambling emails (You know who you are!!) and who’ve also offered countless suggestions and were there when this was just an inkling and I had no idea what the heck I even wanted to do to help get traffic to people's shops and to help get people to shop handmade, small business and “local” (in their jammies, in their own house!) this gift giving season! Thank you!!


I want to give a big shout out to these wonderful women as well:

Lori Anderson – Lori’s listened to many of my rambling emails, gave suggestions and offered help despite her own very cool and successful Virtual Craft Fair she’s got going on this entire week over on her blog, Pretty Things! Thank you so much Lori, your suggestions, offers of help and ear for listening are greatly appreciated and deeply valued!

Lisa Crone:  Lisa got blind-sided as I asked a ton of her one night via email. She had such a full schedule and still said to me “As soon as I’m free, I’ll help out”.  So, when she finished, I said “Oh, thanks, but I’ve got it under control”.  How rude of me – not on purpose, but still - rude of me none-the-less! And, being the gracious one she is, she still helped out! What a class act!  Thank you so much for your support and help!

Regina Santerre: Regina was one of the first one’s to step in and say “Count me in!” and she’s also the one who came up with the actual name “Holiday Shop Hop” – it was her suggestions vs. whatever the long, drawn out and wordy thing I was trying to use was! J Thanks a bunch Regina – I think the name rocks!!

Mary Anne Flesch:  Mary Anne jumped in for the Shop Hop and then she took my little “Snowman Button” and “fixed” him!  Yep, she took the yellow out and made him look all pretty and white like a snowman should! Yeah!! And then, of course, I messed it up again,….what’s new?!! L But, Thank You Mary Anne! You took your time and effort to help me and I appreciate it so much!! And, if I do this next year,…I’ll make sure I use the Snowman you fixed!!   

Mary Anne's nice white Snowman! :)
And not the one that looks like it was made with snow that Santa’s Reindeer peed on! J

Shelly's 'yellow-ish' Snowman
THANK YOU everyone! I really am grateful.
 Peace, Love and Here’s to a Successful Holiday Shop Hop This Weekend for Everyone!