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Focusing on Life - Week 2 - Your Word

It's Week 2 for Sally Russick's "Focusing on Life: 52 Photos".  Our prompt for this week is:  Your Word.
Okay,...this week was way more challenging than the first week for me. 
I started thinking and writing down words last weekend when Sally gave us the prompt. She said we could write out the word or photograph something that represented the word. What ever we wanted. 
Your Word.  My word.  One Word.  Just One Word.
So many people chose their 'word' for the year,...their mantra, what they focus on, what helps them get through things, gives them strength, etc.
Not me. I've yet to be able to pick just one word for an entire year (maybe for a week or a month, but not for an entire year!) and it's probably the same reason I don't have a tattoo (other than I'm not real partial to pain or needles!).  I can be indecisive. At least on some things anyway.
There's so many words right now that seem to resonate with me for 2013.

 So, this "Your Word" thing had me totally baffled.
I want to connect more with my family on a deeper level. Connect.
I want to be present, live in the moment, take it all in: Present. Aware. Live. Listen. Absorb. Breathe.
I'm working to manage my time better: Organize. Streamline.
I want to accept changes more easily and move forward: Accept. Change. Forward.
I want to create more: Create. Inspire.
I want to earn more: Abundance. Gratitude.
I want to learn new things: Learn. Grow. Thrive. Reach. Fearless. Jump.
I'd like to be more gracious in all I do: Grace. Acceptance.
I feel more comfortable in my skin these days, but I'm still doing a bit of soul searching and trying to listen to my heart more: Soul. Search. Heart.
And the list goes on. 
All great words with equally personal and deep meanings.
In this moment I feel ready to connect; to be present and aware. To live, listen and absorb things around me and to organize my time and streamline my life. Ready to accept change and move forward without fear and to create more and inspire others to create as well. To be more thankful for the abundance of things in my life such as my family, our health, our home. I'm excited to learn new things and grow and thrive in areas not yet known to me and to reach fearlessly out of my comfort zone and jump in with both feet.
I'm eager to search within my heart and feed my soul.
I'm ready to do these things with grace and acceptance of who I am and who I want to be.
Inhale. Exhale. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy.
This Year, I am READY.
Don't know what's in there.
Don't know where it's going.
But like me, it's Ready!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Ready!

*Please sail on over to the Studio Sublime today and catch everyone else's WORD!