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Focus On Life - Week 30: Catch The Sun!

This week, Sally's prompt for the
was to
"Catch The Sun!"
This week, we were to capture the beauty of the sun as it glistened off the skin, sparkled and danced on the water or as it was shining on the beauty of the day.
I'm in the White Mountains of Arizona this week,...during the rainy season. 
Not much sun here,....
Not much sun here,...
But, when we had a little birthday gathering at the local park during our family reunion and it was sunny for a few hours, I captured my oldest nephew as he was playing basketball.
Half in the sun, half in the shade,....the only shot I could get that really captured the sun as it touched some one.
Now, we're just waiting for the sun to come back out. 
During the Annual Nutrioso BBQ (which is this weekend) it always rains with out fail, so the chance of sun is about 1%,.....not a very 'bright' forecast if you ask me!
Hop on over to The Studio Sublime and see how every one else has captured the sun this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Waiting for the Sun!

**I'm still up in the mountains (as you can tell!) on vacation for my family reunion and so again this week, I do apologize for not hopping around to many blogs or commenting as much as I normally do, but I want to spend quality time with my family and will get back to my normal routine next weekend! I will try to look at everyone's posts though - I just love seeing what everyone has captured each weekend!!***