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2 Feet of Wire!

The theme for Week 12 of Year of Jewelry Projects 2011 was "2 Feet of Wire" and what a challenge it was, too.  I never really thought about it until I forced myself to stay within the '2 feet' limit and I found that the things I usually create take much less or much more wire.  I did pretty good and only cut minimal pieces off when I was ready to secure my wire wrappings - so I possibly have a smidge under 2 Feet.

So, here's the measurements:
Swirl Earring Wires - 4 inches of 20g. sterling silver round dead soft wire = 8 inches - Forged, hammered/textured.
Wire Wrappings - 2 pieces of 2 inches each of 26gauge s/s round dead soft wire to secure the loops = 4 inches
Wire Wrapped Pearls - 2 pieces of 6 inches each 26gauge s/s round dead soft wire to wire wrap these gorgeous greenish/grey freshwater cultured pearls = 12 inches

So, there you have it - 2 Feet of Wire!  And pearls, of course!

Known as the 'stone of sincerity,' pearls symbolize purity and represent faith, charity and innocence.  As the most widely used gemstone in weddings, pearls are believed to bestow the power of love, (and money, too).
They are thought to bring luck and to offer protection for the wearer, especially to children. Royalty often valued pearls above all other gemtsones and you know this "Pearl Girl" loves her pearls!! 

With Easter, Mother's day, Prom and Graduation, not to mention all the Spring and Summer Weddings that are popping up amongst your friends and family, you can bet you'll be seeing these gorgeous and versatile gemstones every where!

To find out more about these fantastic gemstones, jump on over to our website and check out our pearls page!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and 2 Feet of Wire (Adorned with Pearls!)

Week 3- Year of Jewelry Project 2011 - Mixed Media

Last night I dreamt my family and I were on this huge sail boat in the middle of the ocean somewhere. I could feel the coolness of the water and feel the rush of riding the waves - it was pretty cool! 

While most of the country is under water, snow, ice and freezing temps, take a step back this weekend and envision yourself walking on the beach,...the water lapping at your toes, the sand beneath your feet and the warmth of the sun on your face.  Can you feel it? 
The theme for Week 3 of Year of Jewelry Project 2011 was "Mixed Media".  There were sooooo many things I wanted to do with this theme this week but time just didn't allow for that. So this morning, as I was ready to design and post to the website, I "mixed" some 20g. and 26g. copper wire with some little treasures found on the beach in California because they reminded me of my dream last night. I like how the bail on the larger pendant/charm looks like it could be another type of shell and the littler one with it's swirl dangle reminded me of the anchor on the sailboat in my dream last night.
And then it occurred to me,....I think the term "Mixed Media" can also pertain to our dreams. I mean, yes we do have various objects we design with that are actually tangible, but one of the main things we create with, prior to ever picking up our pliers, beads or wire, is our imagination - and this includes our dreams.   Maybe I'm alone in this, but I frequently dream of jewelry in my sleep - so much so that it's a funny little joke around our house.  Well, funny to me,...I'm sure the hubby and son probably think it's just weird!
So, until next time,
Peace, Love and Dreams (of pearls and sailboats!!)