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Holiday Shop Hop 2011

Welcome to the Holiday Shop Hop 2011

Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th

Carved Wooden Snowman Ornament by Gordon W. Baldock
Photo by Michelle Buettner
Graphic Enhancement by Mary Anne Flesch of Handcrafted Serenity Jewelry

We all know it's pretty easy to hop around and shop all over Etsy, Artfire and many other super wonderful arts and craft sites, but sometimes it's a bit daunting and so this was developed (with some generous help from some very wonderful people, I might add!) to be a fun and enjoyable way to shop handmade and support the arts and crafts sector of the small business world during this very busy gift giving season!

"Winter in Nutrioso"
Photo by Michelle Buettner
Listed below are some pretty cool places to find unique handmade items such as Jewelry (I love buying other jewelry artist's designs - they're so gorgeous!!) and Jewelry related items, such as Beads and Supplies (I can never have enough of these!). There's also handcrafted Toys, Wearable Goods, Bath and Body Products, Candles and items we use everyday such as Pens, but these are handcrafted with some really cool flair!

Some of the participants below have listed their online shops for you to browse through while others have listed their blogs, website or Facebook page which is where you will find information on the wonderful items they create and offer for sale.  (The MiShel Designs Etsy shop is listed in the link list below with everyone else's and there's a clickable link over here on the right side of my blog. I've got a coupon code for 20% off posted in my shop announcements for shoppers as well.)

Each participant has created their own unique shopping experience for you and you'll want to be on the look out for a few that are offering specials, discount codes or coupons and even a possible give-a-way or two!

To start things off, I'm going to be giving away a necklace and earring set here on the MiShel Designs Blog. Everyone who leaves a comment at the bottom of this post either today or tomorrow will be entered in the drawing and the participant will be chosen by and announced here on my blog on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011.

Necklace and Earring Set by Michelle Buettner
of MiShel Designs

So please, browse through the list below and enjoy the

Holiday Shop Hop!



We Hope You Have Enjoyed The Holiday Shop Hop!

Although Most Of The Specials and/or Give-A-Ways These Shops Are Having May Only Be
Valid During Certain Times,
The "Holiday Shop Hop" Button
at the Top of This Blog
Will Have These Shops Listed
Until January 15, 2012
So That You May Browse
Through Their Shops During
Your Entire Winter Break!


Peace, Love and Happy Handmade Holiday!

Holiday Shop Hop 2011 - Are You In??

Okay ~ so here's the scoop :

"Holiday Shop Hop" - My idea is to have a “Holiday Shop Hop” for a weekend on our blogs with a link to each other's shops so all our friends, family and internet connections can ‘hop’ around our shops/websites and shop for some wonderful handmade goodies for their family and friends for the holidays.

Carved Wooden Snowman Ornament by Gordon W. Baldock

When: Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd and 4th, 2011 (some folks suggested this weekend - so I listened)

Who: We're looking for people who sell quality, handmade items with an online storefront or shop of some sort (like Etsy, Artfire, your own website or other craft site, etc.) that have blogs or active Facebook Fan Pages that could post links on the specific weekend for people to 'click' on and hop around to.

What:  Items can include, but are not limted to:

Jewelry, jewelry components and supplies, art beads, art sculptures/paintings, beauty products, handmade soaps and bath gels and products, clothes, accessories (shoes, handbags, belts, etc.), photography prints, vintage goods, home decor, candles, ceramics and pottery, furniture, glass, housewares, gift cards, paper products, children's items, toys, holiday decorations, books, sewing/quilts, scarves, woodworking, carvings, yarn crafts, holiday decorations, wrapping paper and goods, etc.

I would like to limit things to hand-made, (vs. manufactured or store bought) and a nice mix of all sorts of handmade items would be great.

Where: A "link List" that weekend on your blog to all the participants. Or, a link on your Facebook page or your website, or your Etsy/Artfire shop announcements, etc. to the Host blog(s) so people can find the list of 'shops to hop' around to.

Why: To help spread the word about 'shopping handmade' this holiday season, because I've heard so many people wonder (out loud) what they could do to boost their online sales this season.

Now, here's all the other details:

You can offer any type of incentives, or discounts codes, or free give-a-ways, etc., on your own shops, Etsy stores or Artfire shops or blogs, websites, etc., (however each person sells their wares) whatever it is you want to do.

It’s your shop – do what you want.
(you're responsible for all your own orders, shipping, etc.)

I cannot promise you any increase in sales,
but more traffic to your shops wouldn't hurt!
This is an ‘Attention Getter’ ,
with the purpose of getting more people to view your handmade products this Holiday Gift Giving Season.

Realistically, it shouldn’t be any extra work or stress for the participants or anything out of the ordinary other than what you would (should!) normally be doing for your shops at this time of year.

Unless, of course, you wanted to make extra items for your shop so that it's well stocked when people stop in to shop, or create discount coupons, and things like that.

**Here's the important part***

I would like those with a blog and/or facebook page to please do one or two posts leading up to the event, getting the word out and helping to get people to stop by on the dates set for the Holiday Shop Hop.

And, if you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, then a FB post/note and a few Tweets would be really great, too.

Basically, any Social Media things you would be doing for your own blog during the this time of year would be something nice to do for the "Holiday Shop Hop".

***Please Note***

I'm of the mindset that "there's enough for everyone" and so it will not be the sort of thing where there's only one
 type of product in each category
(say only one jewelry shop in the jewelry category). 

Shoot,...with all the jewelry peeps I know, it could all be jewlery!  But I'm really hoping to spead the word and get a nice, wide variety of handmade items to show our guests who visit and give them some great items to choose from.

Any help on getting shops in a wide variety of categories would be greatly appreciated!

So what do you say?

Would you like to play along?

If so, please leave a comment with your shop name, blog name and your email so I can contact you.

If you don't want to leave an email on the comments, please make certain that you leave a blog or facebook link that leads me to an email or phone number so I can reach you and get all your information and proper links to post that weekend for everyone.

I've got several folks who have already asked to participate, so early next week (after I've gathered everyone's responses), I'll post a link button for you to grab for your blog and for those with only shops and no blogs, I'll have the link for you to post in your shop announcements for people to click on.

I hope all of this long winded stuff just made sense.

If you have questions - please contact me.
My email is:
And, there's a link to it over here --->
on the right side of my blog somewhere, too! 

Old Fashioned Santa
Hand Carved by Gordon W. Baldock

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Spreading Good Cheer, Baby!!