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A Little Holiday Shopping Fun!

So,'s what's been going on.
I've had people asking me if I'm doing another "Holiday Shop Hop" this year and the answer is no.  Last year it seemed everyone was commenting on how desperately they needed traffic to their shops and so I set up the shop hop to try to help out and fill the need.
This year there's so many other similar things going on that I felt it would be a bit too redundant.  And, if you scroll down further in this post you'll see one of those super fun things getting ready to happen in cyber-space this coming Friday!! (Fun stuff let me tell you!)

Plus this year, I know  (and respect) my own limits of what I can and can't accomplish a bit better too. 

Via Pinterest
When all the things I had on my "Must Accomplish This Year" list started getting pushed to the side I decided it was time to step back a bit.  Yes, it was hard and I've felt a bit disconnected at times but,....ya gotta know when to say "when".

Via Pinterest
This is my new yoga relaxation pose!
What?  This doesn't look relaxing to you?!

It's quite freeing,....knowing your limits and not being too terribly hard on yourself for letting go a bit. 

I passed on some really great blog hops, challenges and swaps these last couple of months - it was hard, let me just say that!

"You Did WHAT?!"
( via pinterest)

But, life still goes on. Maybe not as fast or in the specific way you had at one point hoped it would, but it goes on none the less.

And sometimes, it goes on to be even better than you thought it would and even surprises you.
Letting go of certain things doesn't mean the end of the world as I know it.  It just means things are different and they serve a different purpose in my life - all which are a good because I have greater gratitude and an open heart and mind!
A couple of things I was able to observe while stepping back a bit was,....
 Every one's human. We all make mistakes. We all start over over or change positions or switch gears. That's okay and necessary for our growth.
We all grow at our own rate. Or at least we should allow ourselves that right.  No one else's rate of growth should match or even come close to ours. We're all on our own path. Our own PERFECT path.

Photo by Michelle Buettner

When I stepped back a bit and got quiet, muse came back and so did the passion I thought I'd lost for my craft.  ( Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah - I love this part!!)

Barbie loves it when my muse comes back.
It means she usually gets new jewelry!

We're all a 'work in progress'.  A work of art - in progress.

I don't feel as stressed out as I did last year at this time (must be that new yoga pose I showed you above!) and things appear to be running smoother at the moment - love it when that happens!
What have you learned about yourself that you're thankful for this year?  What are you more aware of?
Me?  I get sidetracked waaaayyyy too easily (Sidetracked-Shelly!!). I learned this a long time ago, but being more aware means being able to change.

From my friend's facebook status - I just had to have this!

But I did want to let you know about something I will be participating in this season,....

Over on the Artisan Whimsey Site
they're getting ready to host the
 Artisan Whimsy Market 2012 Holiday Collection 
for all the members who want to participate from this Friday (black Friday) through the 30th of November - fun huh?!

Every one who participates will have sales going on in their shops or on their facebook pages and then on the 1st of December each shop will have it's own wonderful give-a-way! How cool is this?

 The internet can be a bit sketchy at times up at the cabin (where we'll be for Thanksgiving) when there's a bunch of people using it and so hopefully things will be okay and I'll be able to check in regularly while I'm up there,...but I'm thinking it would be a great prelude to the Annual Jewelry Boutique (jewelry party) my sister and I having at her house on the 2nd of December.
I'll post more details and all that good stuff tomorrow, okay?
The girls who run things over on the Artisan Whimsy site really know how to show us all a good time - you should check it out and join in the fun!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love, Gratitude, Growth and Holiday Fun!