Barbie's On My Bead Table!!

Barbie's on my bead table today!

What's on my Bead Table you ask? 

Bead Table Wednesday over on Flickr

Barbie's on my bead table,...along with some things that are getting packed up and ready to ship, some things I still have to take photos of (I'm waiting a bit cause I know Kerry Bogert over at Kab's Creative Concepts is gonna show me how to get even better shots than before!) and then I've got these two little fun fella's hanging out, waiting to be put into some designs, plus bunches of earring wires and clasps to get created and shipped out tomrorow to peeps.

Beady Bottles of Fun

What?  Of course Barbie's got Pearls!

Ya think I'd have a Barbie (circa 1972 or there abouts) and not have Beautiful Pearls on her?  Right!  
As my muse, she's got a few fun pieces of jewelry - not all pearls either.

Maybe I'll be brave enough to show you some time!

Barbie in MiShel Designs Pearls

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Hanging Out with Barbie!



  1. Haha! Your Barbie on the bead table has me smiling. The pearls on the Barbie (shrimp pearls on the Barbie at that!) are really neat. Where'd you find such TINY pearls?

  2. Thanks gals! Not sure where I got those exact pearls. Possibly Majestic Pearls at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (likely) or either Beadworld or A2Z Beadss\ here in Glendale, AZ - I've had them forever and didn't write it on the package like I do now! (Bad girls!)


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