Music To My Eyes

Won't you play along?

My Uncle gave my Dad this violin. 

My dad gave both his violin and this one to my sister. 

Awhile back, she so graciously gave this one to me. 

From what we can tell by the shoulder strap imprint,
it will be 100 years old in October 2012.

I wanted to restore it but felt that if I did, all the hands that had touched it, the sounds that came from it and the past it represented, would melt away. 

So I enjoy it by taking it out every now and then,...touching it, listened in my head for the songs and sounds to come to me and feeling a closeness to the people who are no longer here.


Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Timeless Memories



  1. "music to my eyes" ☺, yes it is! beaUtiful. happy day to you.

  2. That's a beautiful old violin! Do you know how to play? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I like it just like it is. Reminds me of Pa's fiddle from the Little House books which I got to see in person when we visited her home in Missouri last summer!

  4. Now this is too cool! Wouldn't you just love to take it down to the Antique Road show and ask them what you should do? I'll go with you! I would love to hear what they would say.

    Love this post!!! It's wonderful!

  5. Oh, such wonderful sentiments to go with your lovely photos.

  6. Beautiful photos full of delicious textures, I love the composition of these macros that beautifully display the time.

  7. Visiting from "This or That", such incredibly interesting details on violins, I had no idea!


  8. Wow...these are just incredible.

    Love it!!!!

  9. beautiful macro shots! lovely post too! thanks for sharing

  10. What a beautiful the photos!

  11. Hey Shel, I'm a new follower! Love your blog!


  12. Lisa ~
    Thanks so much for the follow - Welcome! And, thanks also fo the compliments on my blog!

    I'm following you, too! I loved the post you just had with the bricks - great story and great photos!!


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