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FOL14 - Week 16

To continue with the month of April's prompt of "Moments", Sally, over at the Studio Sublime, has given us the photo prompt of "A Moment Best Captured in Black and White" for week 16 of the Focus on Life 2014 weekly photography challenge.
Sally said: "Sometimes, when there is no distraction of color, the image is no longer just a photo but a clean, honest, deeper look at life."
So true!
Left Photo -Violin Case Handle  /  Right Photo - Violin
I have a very special violin that is approximately 100 years old.

Possibly a bit older.
It was my Uncle's and he gave it to my Dad.
It's one of those things that although lovely in color, I find it most beautiful in Black and White.
Possibly because it's a
'Moment of History'?
Hop on over to the other participant's blogs and see what 'moment' they captured in black and white this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Antique Moments!

Music To My Eyes

Won't you play along?

My Uncle gave my Dad this violin. 

My dad gave both his violin and this one to my sister. 

Awhile back, she so graciously gave this one to me. 

From what we can tell by the shoulder strap imprint,
it will be 100 years old in October 2012.

I wanted to restore it but felt that if I did, all the hands that had touched it, the sounds that came from it and the past it represented, would melt away. 

So I enjoy it by taking it out every now and then,...touching it, listened in my head for the songs and sounds to come to me and feeling a closeness to the people who are no longer here.


Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Timeless Memories