Higher Ground!

Well, we headed up to higher ground last night.

We're back up to my sis's cabin. We're pet sitting for her and my brother-in-law while they're on vacation for a bit.

The Tree House

My sis is down in Florida at my brother's house and my other brother is meeting her down there, too. They're having a mini brother/sister reunion -minus me! 

My sister, Marsha, me, my brothers, David and Gordon

I got my 'mobile studio' set up this morning. The hubby's got our RespirCare phones on (the company we own and co-run together. You know,...my day job!) and things are pretty much up and running today, business wise.

Make-shift Studio while at my sister's cabin

It was a sunny morning and now it's raining and it's cooled off quite a bit and we're so loving the temps. They're heaven compared to what's going on in the Phoenix area this week!

The rain through the pine trees

  One day while we were back home, we went out to the garage to get in the car to go to dinner and the temperature in the car said 118!  Yep, that's a bit hot for me! 

Anyhoo, hope you're all doing well and creating beautiful things this summer. Please take a moment and share what you're up to if you get the chance. 

I love hearing what every one's doing and I don't always get around to every one's blogs each day/week like I want to when I'm up here because the Internet is a tad-bit slower here in the mountains! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gentle Rains!



  1. Love your portable workshop with the gorgeous view. So here's my question. Do you find that you are inspired to create more at the cabin or are you easily distracted by the beauty around you?

  2. Oh Lynda, that's a touch one. Sometimes it's a bit of both. Yesterday I couldn't create to save my soul so I edited photos and today I'm not too motivated either. I always have an urge to create 'fall' type designs when I'm up here for some reason,...maybe the colors that surround me?

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  4. What a gorgeous spot for a cabin...I'd never want to leave it! :)

  5. Lela - yes, it's hard to leave at times. But, at the end of July, after it's rained everyday, I'm ready to head back to the desert and the sunshine,...even if it is a sweltering 107 degrees! LOL!! ;-)
    I couldn't never live where it rained or was cloudy all the time - I just have to have sunshine,...all the time!!


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