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A Breath of Fresh Air!

Our topic for August for the Focus On Life: 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge is
and for week 32 Sally prompted us with
 'Fresh Air'
and told us to "Spend a little time taking a deep breath of fresh air, feeling the sun or the rain on your face!"

Here's the 'rain on my face' while sitting up at the very top of the tree house the day before we left the cabin.

You can't see the drops coming down through the trees, but it was heaven for sure!! 

The View From The Top of the Tree House!

Now, let's see what 'Fresh Air' everyone else captured!

Until Next Time,
 Peace, Love and Breathing Fresh Air!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all those in the United States
celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving!
May you have the luxury of spending time with your family, friends and loved ones this holiday weekend!
Safe travels to you all!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gratitude!

Focus on Life: 52 Photos - Week 45 - Industrial Photography

It's week 45 (Holy Cow Smokes Batman, where has the year gone?!) for the Focusing on Life: 52 Photos weekly challenge hosted by the talented Sally Russick over at
The Studio Sublime.
Our prompt this week was:
Industrial Photography:  It's amazing how something perceived as cold and whose purpose is to perform a function can have a beautiful soul."
Well, this got me thinking - as our weekly prompts always do.
On Halloween, our son (aka - the Masked Rider) took a pretty good spill on his motorbike while taking it for a spin around the block here in our subdivision. I was at the grocery store when this happened and, long story fairly short,'s the gist of it.
Normally, the "Masked Rider" looks like this when he rides his dirt bike (even around the block, pretty much!):
This day, he was dressed like this:
Logan was actually wearing only a tank top, basketball shorts and his riding boots when he crashed.
And, this is Mike's motorbike, which is much smaller than Logan's.
And this is what happened when he decided the street would look better paved with his skin than with the asphalt that was already there,....
Yep - OUCH!  His hands were the worst - well kind of!
Nope - not a pretty sight.
Didn't feel too good either according to Logan.
Lesson learned: always wear your helmet, NO MATTER WHAT!!  And gloves, a long sleeve shirt and some pants couldn't hurt, either! :-) 
We're the luckiest and most grateful parents on the planet that he didn't hit his head (which didn't have a helmet on it and although it's pretty hard, it's not that hard!!) and that this didn't turn out worse than it did.
But, I thought about what Sally said in her prompt. How something cold and 'industrial' (if you will) can have a beautiful soul.
Well, 'Scrape' as he's now referred to, is chomping at the bit to get back on his bike and ride. To him, it has a soul. It's beautiful in his eyes.  (it's his fault he biffed it he said, not the bike's fault)
So, here's a piece of 'soul' from his bike:
This is a pic I took of his broken muffler.
It wasn't broken in the crash, but it was a kind of cool angle/pic to get - so I grabbed it!
And yes, he's doing fine - thanks to all of you who follow me on facebook and sent well wishes. They were greatly appreciated!
Then there's this. This definitely has a soul. And, it's back in use. It's the water line from Grandma Emma's cabin that burned in the Wallow Fire a few summers back.
Utility pipe that was burned in the Wallow Fire at Grandma Hindman's.
It's now in use at the new cabin that's over close to where the old one was.
Now, it's back up and running to the new cabin that's being put in close to where Grandma's was!
How beautiful is that?!
Not exactly sure if these are considered 'Industrial' photos or not, but I thought this was a very cool prompt this week Sally - I'm looking at things in a totally different manner than before and am excited to see what every one's going to post this weekend.
I'm prepping for a show tomorrow, so I may not get to every one's posts until next week - sorry about that!!
Now, hop around today and see what other beautiful, industrial souls were found this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Feeling Blessed!

Focusing On Life: 52 Photos - Week 25

This week's prompt for Sally over at The Studio Sublime is unquestionably the hardest one yet - for me, anyway!
Sally's prompt for Week 25 of Focusing on Life: 52 Photos was to complete this sentence:
"You are,......."
We were instructed to "give yourself the positive reinforcement you deserve. Take a moment to think about who YOU are, what makes you a wonderful person."
This is such a great prompt, but boy did it have me stumped!
Lately I've been thinking, mostly because my son keeps reminding me, that the time he has left at home with us before he graduates high school and goes 'off into the world' is very limited. It's something like 750 some odd days,....he's got it counted out to the day he turns 18, which will be a month after he graduates high school. 
 I keep ignoring the number because I don't want to think about not having him at home all the time.
He's unsure exactly what it is that he wants to do when he 'grows up'. He has wanted to be in the Military (a Marine to be specific) since he was just a tiny thing and could barely say the word. He would play 'army' all the time and he's watched the military and history channels so much that even I can tell you what type of ammo goes with what type of gun or what missile what tank or aircraft is armed with and for which war or operation we've used it in. 
He's now mentioning college; saying maybe it would be better (pay wise, etc.) to enter the Marines after college, even though he's unclear on what he wants to get a degree in.
We don't push him hard in either direction (maybe that's not such a good thing at times), but instead tell him to follow his heart and his dreams, to reach inside and find who he is and do what he needs to do for himself - not for anyone else.  We're there for him and talk to him about planning for his future, even though it scares the daylights out of both Mike and me, knowing so many of the things he's going to face out in 'the real world'.
But, you have to let them go.
Let them be who they're going to be.
You always wonder if you're giving your children the guidance they need. The guidance they want. The guidance they deserve. You wonder if you've done all the basic things like teach them good manners, show them how to clean their rooms/bathrooms, do their laundry, cook (Logan does all but the cooking thing - he still likes Mom to do that!), keep track of their money and be wise with their purchases, be considerate of others, be respectful. And the list goes on,.....
This week's prompt had me complete stumped until last night when we were sitting at dinner with some friends up here in the mountains (where we spend as much time each summer as we can) and the conversation between myself and my friend Mary went something like this:
Shelly:  So Mary, are you ready to get rid of your 'extra' child? Is Logan ever going to come home or are you adopting him? (he's spent every night over at Mary's - which is just about a mile down the road - w/her kids since we arrived this past Tuesday )
Mary: (as she laughs at my comment) Oh, Shelly, I just have to tell you how wonderful it is to have Logan with us. He's such a joy.  Out of all the kids, when I tell them to do work for me out at the barn or around the house, he's the first one to get up and get the other kids doing what I've told them - it's working out really good!  And, he's always polite and he helps keep the sibling jabs and quarrels down to a minimum too. Which has been really nice lately - trust me! 
So, as we were all getting up to leave Tal Wi Wi Lodge (yes, it really is called Tal Wi Wi - you can follow the link, here!) Logan walks over and puts his arm around my shoulder and hugs me and says;
"Mama, I love you. Thanks for ordering us guys our food when we went back to the cabin to pick up Dad.  My onion rings were great! Oh, and I'm riding with Phillip and Will cause I'm staying at Mary's again tonight, okay?"
And right there I thought, "You are,....a good Mom!" 
At least I felt like a good Mama, with his arm around me and his cute face with that silly little grin looking down upon me!
I was in Mama heaven! 
I'm soooo gonna miss my 'baby' in two more years.
Or 738 days, be exact.
Please take some time to hop on over to The Studio Sublime and see what everyone else 'got to snappin' for this week's prompt!
And, thank you Sally. Each week of this photo challenge is an exploration of the world around me,...not to mention an exploration of me personally!  It's an incredible journey and I'm glad I'm along for the ride!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Being a Good Mom!

Focusing on Life: Week 24 - GREEN!

This week's prompt from Sally over at
for the weekly photo challenge was:
"The color of balance, learning, growth and harmony! 
GREEN evokes feelings of calm and
symbolizes self-respect and well being. 
*Grab your cameras and find some green! 
*Note: Your photo as a whole does not have to be all green in color.
Look for pops of green against a contrasting color or muted colors! Have Fun!" 
I just LOVE Green!!
Click on any photo to enlarge
It's one of my favorite colors!
So, last weekend I was at my sis's cabin having "Girlfriend's Weekend" and we were surrounded by GREEN.
Flowers in the meadow by the  Cabin
Which is totally awesome given the fact that a couple of summer's ago the Wallow Fire ripped right through the meadow you see pictured here and took out so much beautiful GREEN!
The Meadow
But I think this is my favorite GREEN.
This is Coco, our Peach-Faced Love Bird. He's about 7 years old and is a bit camera shy!
His "Honey" is named Kiki and she's very shy! She's also sitting on some 'egglets'
at the momemnt - Coco's gonna be a Daddy!!
Coco Green!
Hop on over to The Studio Sublime and check out all the GREEN that captured every one's attention this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and GREEN, Baby!

Summer's End

It's the end of our summer and we've packed up and left my sis's cabin in the mountains and headed back down to the desert! (and the heat!) 

Back to working full time, school shopping, school registration, appointments, clients, taking care of family and home things, know, all that good stuff.

The past 4 to 5 days have been very busy and eventful,...

* My sister and nephew returned to the cabin after their visit in Florida with my brother and family.

My sister Marsha and my nephew Preston

* My sis sold her Nutrioso T-Shirts and I sold my jewelry at the Annual Nutrioso BBQ. (Tents up, tents down, packing stuff, unpacking stuff, displaying things, selling things, know the routine!)

Marsha with her Nutrioso Shirts in our tent

 * I got clawed by Cosmo kitty when I startled him to death one morning as I went to remove him from the kitchen table. (Bad Cosmo!!) I've got a pretty funky looking swollen upper lip that is infected. I did some research and discovered it's "Cat Scratch Disease", which is a bacterial infection.

Pretty Kitty - Cosmo (a.k.a. - Momo)

Also known as Cat Scratch Fever! LOL!

Cosmo helping with the laundry!

Seriously though,...I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and will hopefully get antibiotics so it doesn't take the normal 3 to 5 weeks to clear up because it itches, tingles and hurts all at the same time. Not to mention that I now LOOK like the cat!  (at least my upper lip does!)

* Mike and I went on a mini-search party the afternoon we were to be heading home when the "Masked Rider", his cousin and a friend of theirs were over an hour late getting back from going caving!  Needless to say we were a bit worried,...but all ended well. Thankfully! (Nerve-wracking!)

Cousins - Preston and Logan (aka - the Masked Rider)

* Got to hang out with my  dearfriend, Jackie, who drove up for the BBQ weekend! (This was the fun part!)

Me and Jackie - Trying to keep dry during the Nutri BBQ

* Made Tortilla soup and Spaghetti Sauce in the crock pot. (not at the same time!) The house smelled great those two days! (This was the yummy part!)

* Created jewelry for the the Nutrioso Craft Show / BBQ. (more fun stuff)

* Watched some very cool storms roll in.
(way cool stuff - but not when you're selling things under a tent!!)

Storm rolling into Nutrioso.  Of course it's during the BBQ!
It's rained every year (except one!) during the BBQ.

* Walked to Grandma Emma's with Marsha, Jackie and Annie and took photos of all the wild flowers. (more fun)

Wild Flowers behind where Grandma Emma's Cabin used to be

Wild Flowers at the Cabin
* Drank coffee on the cabin porch with Marsha and Jackie and soaked up the cool morning temps! (Relaxing part!)

Jackie and Marsha

* Watched videos of the hubby and son riding their motorbikes up to the lakes.
(Going way too fast too, I might add!!)

The Masked Rider out in the desert on his old bike

* Took care of Cosmo Kitty and Annie Girl! 

Annie Girl!!

I will miss the cat and the dog!  (Sshhhh,...don't tell anyone!!) It will be nice now though to get some sleep because Cosmo won't be trying to sleep on my head or suck on my hair in the middle of the night!  (strange cat!)

Cosmo Kitty Reading His Emails!

I've got some exciting news that was emailed my way this past weekend as well, so I'm going to be sharing that with you here one of these days this week, too. 

You know, once things get back to normal!

Are you winding down for the summer or are you getting to enjoy a few more weeks of leisure time with your friends and family?

For those of you winding down,....I feel your pain!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Summer Endings,....

Happiness Is,...

A Walk in the Woods

You never know what you're going to see,...

Or Who!?!

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Having Fun!


Linking up with I Heart Macro today

*Scary dude in the Ghillie Suite is the hubby,...stalking our son and his friends in the woods and having a blast! ;-)

Higher Ground!

Well, we headed up to higher ground last night.

We're back up to my sis's cabin. We're pet sitting for her and my brother-in-law while they're on vacation for a bit.

The Tree House

My sis is down in Florida at my brother's house and my other brother is meeting her down there, too. They're having a mini brother/sister reunion -minus me! 

My sister, Marsha, me, my brothers, David and Gordon

I got my 'mobile studio' set up this morning. The hubby's got our RespirCare phones on (the company we own and co-run together. You know, day job!) and things are pretty much up and running today, business wise.

Make-shift Studio while at my sister's cabin

It was a sunny morning and now it's raining and it's cooled off quite a bit and we're so loving the temps. They're heaven compared to what's going on in the Phoenix area this week!

The rain through the pine trees

  One day while we were back home, we went out to the garage to get in the car to go to dinner and the temperature in the car said 118!  Yep, that's a bit hot for me! 

Anyhoo, hope you're all doing well and creating beautiful things this summer. Please take a moment and share what you're up to if you get the chance. 

I love hearing what every one's doing and I don't always get around to every one's blogs each day/week like I want to when I'm up here because the Internet is a tad-bit slower here in the mountains! 

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Gentle Rains!