Summer's End

It's the end of our summer and we've packed up and left my sis's cabin in the mountains and headed back down to the desert! (and the heat!) 

Back to working full time, school shopping, school registration, appointments, clients, taking care of family and home things, know, all that good stuff.

The past 4 to 5 days have been very busy and eventful,...

* My sister and nephew returned to the cabin after their visit in Florida with my brother and family.

My sister Marsha and my nephew Preston

* My sis sold her Nutrioso T-Shirts and I sold my jewelry at the Annual Nutrioso BBQ. (Tents up, tents down, packing stuff, unpacking stuff, displaying things, selling things, know the routine!)

Marsha with her Nutrioso Shirts in our tent

 * I got clawed by Cosmo kitty when I startled him to death one morning as I went to remove him from the kitchen table. (Bad Cosmo!!) I've got a pretty funky looking swollen upper lip that is infected. I did some research and discovered it's "Cat Scratch Disease", which is a bacterial infection.

Pretty Kitty - Cosmo (a.k.a. - Momo)

Also known as Cat Scratch Fever! LOL!

Cosmo helping with the laundry!

Seriously though,...I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and will hopefully get antibiotics so it doesn't take the normal 3 to 5 weeks to clear up because it itches, tingles and hurts all at the same time. Not to mention that I now LOOK like the cat!  (at least my upper lip does!)

* Mike and I went on a mini-search party the afternoon we were to be heading home when the "Masked Rider", his cousin and a friend of theirs were over an hour late getting back from going caving!  Needless to say we were a bit worried,...but all ended well. Thankfully! (Nerve-wracking!)

Cousins - Preston and Logan (aka - the Masked Rider)

* Got to hang out with my  dearfriend, Jackie, who drove up for the BBQ weekend! (This was the fun part!)

Me and Jackie - Trying to keep dry during the Nutri BBQ

* Made Tortilla soup and Spaghetti Sauce in the crock pot. (not at the same time!) The house smelled great those two days! (This was the yummy part!)

* Created jewelry for the the Nutrioso Craft Show / BBQ. (more fun stuff)

* Watched some very cool storms roll in.
(way cool stuff - but not when you're selling things under a tent!!)

Storm rolling into Nutrioso.  Of course it's during the BBQ!
It's rained every year (except one!) during the BBQ.

* Walked to Grandma Emma's with Marsha, Jackie and Annie and took photos of all the wild flowers. (more fun)

Wild Flowers behind where Grandma Emma's Cabin used to be

Wild Flowers at the Cabin
* Drank coffee on the cabin porch with Marsha and Jackie and soaked up the cool morning temps! (Relaxing part!)

Jackie and Marsha

* Watched videos of the hubby and son riding their motorbikes up to the lakes.
(Going way too fast too, I might add!!)

The Masked Rider out in the desert on his old bike

* Took care of Cosmo Kitty and Annie Girl! 

Annie Girl!!

I will miss the cat and the dog!  (Sshhhh,...don't tell anyone!!) It will be nice now though to get some sleep because Cosmo won't be trying to sleep on my head or suck on my hair in the middle of the night!  (strange cat!)

Cosmo Kitty Reading His Emails!

I've got some exciting news that was emailed my way this past weekend as well, so I'm going to be sharing that with you here one of these days this week, too. 

You know, once things get back to normal!

Are you winding down for the summer or are you getting to enjoy a few more weeks of leisure time with your friends and family?

For those of you winding down,....I feel your pain!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Summer Endings,....


  1. Your life seems full and you approach it all with a zest and vigor and such a positive attitude. The cabin seems too cool to be true... Lucky you.
    Take care and gentle landings as you go back to "normal".
    Love your work especially pearl on leather... Do you drill your own larger holes? All the pearls I get has minuscule holes which aren't much good for what I do... Never did drill my own holes... Difficult???

  2. No, I don't usually drill my own pearls - I have, but it scares me because I don't want to ruin the good ones I have. I try to get mine from Ayla's Orinals, Majestic Pearl or Beadworld, this little bead store down the road from my house. You should check out Ayla's and if you don't see something - email them - same with majestic pearl - email me if you need links/websites and I'll be happy to send them to you.
    Oh, and thanks for saying I approach things w/a positive attitude. I know I try!! ;-)


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