Focus on Life: Week 37 - In Motion

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It's week 37 for the Focusing On Life Photography Challenge hosted by Sally over at The Studio Sublime and this week's prompt was:
In Motion
This week I was 'In Motion' pretty much constantly, trying to play 'catch up' and get things ready for my Pearls Blog Hop tomorrow but I failed miserably at getting a photo of any of my motions, or anyone else's motions for that matter.
So, I remembered my butterfly pics I took a couple of weekends ago while at my sister's cabin for "Girlfriends Weekend" and there was my shot! 
He's so pretty!  And he even stayed put right there after I walked away and continued up the path back to the cabin.
Then, my friend Ginny comes rushing in just gushing about the gorgeous butterfly that stayed on the path over by the creek and how still he sat while she captured tons of pics. We both turned on our cameras and saw we had taken photos of the same butterfly.  We started laughing because it had to have been at least 10 minutes between when I returned up that path and when she returned.
Guess, he wasn't really that 'into motion' after all. But he sure was exercising his beautiful wings for us!
Hop on over to The Studio Sublime and see what every one else has captured "In Motion" this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Moving Right Along,....


  1. He's beautiful! And how funny that your friend was also fascinated by the same butterfly.

  2. Gorgeous butterfly ... and he's not camera shy :O

  3. I adore butterflies, and he's a beauty!!!

  4. A really beautiful shot! Maybe it was drying its wings after emerging from a cocoon.

  5. Beautiful butterfly, Shel! It looks almost iridescent. Also wanted to say how gorgeous the earrings are from your later post - just lovely. Especially the turquoise!

  6. Gorgeous! One so seldom sees butterflies anymore :-(. Lucky you!

  7. Lovely. I have butterflies that hoover around my plants, I am always trying to take pictures of them. They are sooo pretty. Thanks for the post.

  8. Beautiful - it's lovely when Mother Nature gives us a hand in finding a small miracle like this... not once, but twice!

  9. So beautiful. And how lucky to be able to capture it. They generally flit away when I approach.


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