FOL14 - Week 15

It's Week 15 for the Focus on Life: 2014 weekly photography challenge.
For the month of April our topic is:
Our weekly focus this week:
A Moment of Focus
"Allowing yourself to focus on one moment, one subject.  A crisp, clear moment of focus."
Sally really gave us some great tips over on the Focus on Life Blog this week, and I tried out the 'depth of focus' tips. 
Here's my 'Moment of Focus' this week:
This one was fun. Fun taking the photo(s). Fun editing. Fun learning.
I still don't always have it down right, especially when I'm trying to do this with my jewelry shots - but I do love to try to get the type of shot where something in front is totally in focus and the background is blurred. I think it looks really cool.

Check out what other Moments of Focus the other participants have captured this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Moments in Focus!


  1. Beautiful photos. I have not mastered the fading background yet but I'm trying.

  2. What a beautiful pocket watch, which you captured perfectly! Gorgeous :) xx

  3. Shel, I love the way you processed the photos, they have that beautiful old world feel.

  4. Beautiful shots, Shel! I love the second one. I don't have it down either but I have fun trying!

  5. Very nice shot. I love how the lace of the cloth complements the patina of the watch. Also the focus on the second hand. Makes us realize that every second counts!

  6. Great work. I'm still working on it!

  7. Great shot Shel! I like the close up.

  8. Shel I think your did a good job of blurring the backround in these photos. You fpcked an appropriate subject too.

  9. Beautiful watch. I love the detail around the side

  10. great depth of focus shots this week. I really like how you have put the pocket watch on the crocheted doily. It make the photo appear timeless.


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