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FOL14 - Week 15

It's Week 15 for the Focus on Life: 2014 weekly photography challenge.
For the month of April our topic is:
Our weekly focus this week:
A Moment of Focus
"Allowing yourself to focus on one moment, one subject.  A crisp, clear moment of focus."
Sally really gave us some great tips over on the Focus on Life Blog this week, and I tried out the 'depth of focus' tips. 
Here's my 'Moment of Focus' this week:
This one was fun. Fun taking the photo(s). Fun editing. Fun learning.
I still don't always have it down right, especially when I'm trying to do this with my jewelry shots - but I do love to try to get the type of shot where something in front is totally in focus and the background is blurred. I think it looks really cool.

Check out what other Moments of Focus the other participants have captured this week!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Moments in Focus!

FOL14 - Week 10 - The BIG Picture

It's week 10 for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge and Sally over at The Studio Sublime has given us the theme of
"Checking Out" for the month of March.
This week's prompt is:
The BIG Picture
"As for this week, we are expanding what we are 'checking out' and looking at the BIG picture!"
I have a hard time with getting these types of pics to turn out the way the I want them to.

Click to enlarge - you'll be happy you did! :-)

These photos might not have been exactly what Sally meant with her prompt, but I did try a few different things this week, including trying to read the online manual for both my cameras.  (grrr,.....)
Well, after not having much success with that whole thing, I grabbed my phone and snapped the beauty around us while we were on a little walk about the neighborhood the other night.
I also captured this sunrise one morning with the 'panorama' setting on my phone.

click to enlarge
I'm a bit obsessed with sunrises and sunsets - as you can see.

I'm sure you're getting bored with them lately,....especially if you follow me on Facebook or over on Instagram.

But hey, I'm having fun and enjoying each moment I capture!

I looked. I focused.
I held my breath.
I clicked.

I captured what I found beautiful.
This one I used an edit on and then put a frame on it - but it still looks pretty much
the way the sunrise did. Except for the green glowing houses across the lake. :-)
I never thought in a million years that I'd say this but,...
I think my phone camera might be a better camera than either of my actual cameras.
Well, except for the macro shots I get w/my Lumix.
Those can be pretty awesome. 
So, I wonder what 'big' pictures everyone else captured this week?
Let's have a look, shall we?
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Getting the Big Picture!

FOL 2014 - Week 4 - Word(s)

It's week 4 already (where's January gone in such a hurry, huh?!) in the Focus on Life:2014 weekly photography challenge created by Sally from The Studio Sublime.
We're still going with the minimalistic approach this week and Sally's prompt was:
"There are so many words, a simple grouping of letters that bombard us everyday, that impact our everyday life.  They make us think, effect our purchasing of items and influence how we view ourselves.  This week we will focus on words.  What word speaks to you, makes you laugh, makes you feel good about your being and who you are in that moment.  Is there a word that stands out, you find interesting, you think is fun to say." Side Note (OPTIONAL PROMPT ALTERNATIVE) This photo prompt is about words in general and I know a few of you choose a word as a guide through the year.  Please feel free to use your "one little word" for this prompt if you would like.  
I kept seeing words all week that caught my attention.
But, there was one that stood out above
all others.
I think John Lennon said it best.
All You Need Is,....
I wrote the letters and used one of my hubby's hand-poured pewter PEACE pendants for the 'O'.
I then photographed it and edited it by playing with textures like Sally showed us this week!
It was a fun little project!
Until Next Time,
Peace and LOVE!