FOL14 - Week 27

The theme for the month of July for the Focus on Life 2014 Weekly Photography Challenge is 
"Let's Celebrate"

Week 27: Celebration!  "There are so many little celebrations that occur everyday and you may not realize that they happen.  A quiet toast between friends, a smile for a job well done, a candle on a cake, a sparkler all aglow.   Let's Celebrate the season, family, love hope and life!"

Monday was our son's 17th Birthday. 

He absolutely hates having his photo taken - even on his birthday!

Logan, Day 1 - in the hospital.  Then this summer at the cabin actually smiled and let me take a photo before he went on a motorbike ride!! (yippee!)

I snagged a pic of him blowing out the candle on his cheesecake (he's not a fan of regular cake) and then he turned around to see I was trying to snap another photo.

You can tell by the photo that he's not standing still and the look he's giving me is one that says, "I can't believe you're even trying to take a photo of me, mom!" 

Oh well, I still love it. And him!  

We also celebrated our country's birthday yesterday.

The good ol' USA turned 238 years old. 

So, Cheers to Birthdays and wonderful celebrations!!

Click on the links below to see what everyone else is celebrating this week!

Until Next Time, 

Peace, Love and Celebrating Life's Special Moments!



  1. Happy birthday to your son! What a perfect post for this week. My husband doesn't care for cake so we have apple pie for his birthday!

  2. OMG you look so young and beautiful as a new mom! my oldest turned 15 this year .... how the time flies! Happy Birthday to Logan

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. That is the best of celebrations

  4. We will be celebrating my daughter's 25th birthday in about two weeks! I "try" to get a shot of her then!

  5. How cute is that photo at the hospital? I bet you can hardly believe that 17 years have passed. I recognize that look on the last pic - the how can you be torturing me like this look. BTW, we did eventually get our fireworks on the 4th as Cave Creek does two days. Even though the 3rd was abbreviated, the weather was fine on Friday. Hope you had a good one!

  6. Great post! Love the image of he blurry boy! Ha! It tells the story! He is such a handsome young man too! Great side by side images. You can really see the joy and your faces! Thanks for sharing!


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