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I'm Vintage Challenged,....Literally!!

Michelle Mach is having over on her blog
this fall is almost upon us and I’m basically stressing out!

Okay, Okay, I'm not really stressing out,...I’m 'twirling'.

(Those of you who physically know me just got a good visual, didn't you?!)

Any hoo, we don’t actually have to create something
‘vintage’ looking with our components, we can do anything; fall, hip, modern, trendy, rustic, boho,…you get the picture!

But I’ve decided, since it IS called the
that I’d make something completely out of my style element and do something “Very Vintage” as the Challenge title suggests.

"Vintaj" Brass, Co.  - Lovely Goodies!

So, I’ve been playing around with a few of these,….trying to put them with some of the things that came in my
and I think I need more inspiration. 

I need some real “vintage” items to actually hold, touch, smell (yes, there’s a vintage smell to jewelry – trust me!)

I’m going to be putting on some Beggie Adair music this week, sitting down and looking over Grandma Mate’s jewelry,
(yep, they gave that to the right little girl, don’t ya know!)
and seeing what these bits of inspiration can manage to
“Muse-Up” from me.

The “Big Reveal Date” is October 4th – Right Here
and of course,…right here!

So stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes. 
Wish me luck!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, and Twirling with Vintage Anticipation!

Autumn In My Head!

Leaves and Pearls - Autumn 2009 Design from MiShel Designs
Okay - so I've been thinking of all this "Fall" stuff lately. 

Fall colors, fall designs,...all of it!

Maybe it's because all the stores are spiced with autumn goodies like vivaciouly colored leaves in burnt orange, rust and gold. And maybe it's because the smells are so lovely right now - I mean spiced-cider candles are burning all day in my house!!

Ceramic Beads and Copper Charms
MiShel Designs 2010 Fall Collection

Yep, that's it! And, I've been dreaming of and creating some new designs. 
Now, to find the time to photograph them - yes, that would be nice!

Chaos Wire Wrapped Hoops with Amber Dangles
MiShel Designs - Fall 2009 Collection

In the meantime, here's some Autumn Eye-Candy from years past. Enjoy!

Realm of the Goddess
MiShel Designs Fall 2010 Collection
Cinnamon and Spice
MiShel Designs Fall 2009 Collection
Aumtum Earrings - MiShel Designs 2009 Fall Collection

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Autumn Treasures!

"Autumn in Arizona" - Fall 2008 Collection

Mocha Earrings - MiShel Designs Fall 2010 Collection