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Have You Seen,....

The November issue of Bead Trends Magazine?
Well, you are in for a treat!
The Fall/Autumn inspiration in the November issue of Bead Trends is phenomenal!
I fell in love with Kristin Oppold's "Love is Seasonless" Necklace which she designed with her mother in mind when she was ill with cancer. Not only is the necklace beautiful and inspiring, so are Kristin's words about her mother! 
(Pages 84-87)
Next I have to give a nod to fellow Phoenician, Sara Oehler. Her Jewel School Article (Pages 68-72) is so cool - I mean seriously - she has created these beautifully colorful bracelets with Soft Flex Beading Wire (my FAV!) and crystals - and they are macarame!! Awesome!! 
The cover piece, designed by Wenche Brennbakk is so pretty and loaded with gorgeous pearls!! (Pearls!!) and then Kristy Abner's "Vintage Romance" necklace completely sets the stage for all those cool fall nights you'll have sitting with your sweetie by the fire!  (Pages 12-13).
And of course the 'beachy-girl' in me was dropping my jaw on my desk as I came across Joanne Shockey's "Silver Beach Bracelet!  (Pages 18-19)  It's a stunner, let me tell you!!
And the Designer Highlight on Andria McKee is fantastic!  Her designs are the kind you will want to wear every day! (Pages46-57).
Although I cannot share the entire magazine with you (you'll have to get your own copy!!) I can tell you that I was super fortunate enough to have two of my designs in the November issue of Bead Trends as well. 
My "Stick Around Town" Earrings from my Urban Chaos Collection are beautifully photographed on pages 42-43 and my "Everyday Glitters" leather and rhinestone chain wrapped bracelet can be seen on pages 80-81!

Insert "Happy Squeals" right here!!!
Thanks to Tatia Meyer and everyone over at Bead Trends for all the fabulous work you do each month in Bead Trends. The photographs are always so wonderful and the articles and projects are ones that capture our attention and keep us excited about what we do!!
Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Happy Squeals!

The Very Vintage Fall Challenge Blog Hop

 Michelle Mach hosted this

We all purchased these really cool Fall Challenge Kits and
were then 'challenged' to create something with them and
reveal it today.

I decided to stay as close to the theme of "Very Vintage" as I could - especially since this is completely out of my realm of "Norm".

I quickly realized while searching online that "Vintage" today
means soooooo many different styles! 

What yummy inspiration I  discoved and what a treat to tap into my
creative side and release something new! 

Don't be surprised if you start seeing more 'Vintage Inspired' looks popping up on my site here and over in my Etsy store - this stuff is fun (interpretation: addicting!)  and searching for oldies but goodies in antiques stores is something the hubby and I already love to do!!

These gorgeous leaves that I just love from the Vintaj Natural Brass, Co. were in my kit, so I sat down and created these.

 Of course there's pearls in them, you all know me well enough by now to know I'd pop a pearl in somewhere, right?!

If you look carefully, you'll see there's a pearl in everyone one of my designs here today!

"Vintage Autumn Leaf" Earrings

I couldn't figure out what to do with this Vintaj Natural Brass 'branch'.  I've seen tons of these worked beautifully into so many designs over the past year, but nothing was speaking to me - until, I came up with this "Vintage Brooch". 

I even tried to hammer/texture the back pin portion so it would look a bit more 'tree like'.
(which was silly - cause no one's gonna see that part, it's going to go into your scarf or sweater, etc. - but, live and learn!) 

"Colors of Fall" Vintage Inspired Brooch

And, then there were still so many components staring at me, but I kept going back to this piece of "Candy". Well, it looks like a "Vintage" piece of candy to me! 

I love it but all I could think of was "Coffee".  So, this is "Coffee with Cream, Please."  A very simple and not so very vintage looking necklace, but vintage enough for me.

"Coffee with Cream, Please" Vintage Inspired Necklace

I still have several other things from my kit on my bench that need to be made into something.  Especially this one really cool lucite tear drop shaped component.

It keeps screaming "70's" to me, 
but since that's not very 'vintage'
(hey watching it for those of you who just said out loud
"The 70's are very vintage!" )
I'm saving that for a more 'retro' piece!

Thanks to Michelle Mack for hosting this lovely challenge.
I'm glad I participated ~ I had a lot of fun!

I hope everyone enjoys hopping through all the other particpants blogs and seeing the wonderful designs they've created. 
Don't forget to leave a nice comment for everyone, too! 
And, thanks so much for stopping here, too - I appreciate it!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and "Falling For Vintage"!


Here's the list of everyone participating in this current challenge:

Michelle H.
Firefly Visions

Sneak Peak!

Okay - so tomorrow's the reveal date for

This is gonna be so much fun! 

I wanted to give you guys a little bit of a
'sneak peak",...well, sort of!

Check back tomorrow and I'll have a link posted
so you can go check out everyone's creations and drool all over your key boards, okay?! 

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and Very Vintage Fall Challenge Anticipation!!


I'm Vintage Challenged,....Literally!!

Michelle Mach is having over on her blog
this fall is almost upon us and I’m basically stressing out!

Okay, Okay, I'm not really stressing out,...I’m 'twirling'.

(Those of you who physically know me just got a good visual, didn't you?!)

Any hoo, we don’t actually have to create something
‘vintage’ looking with our components, we can do anything; fall, hip, modern, trendy, rustic, boho,…you get the picture!

But I’ve decided, since it IS called the
that I’d make something completely out of my style element and do something “Very Vintage” as the Challenge title suggests.

"Vintaj" Brass, Co.  - Lovely Goodies!

So, I’ve been playing around with a few of these,….trying to put them with some of the things that came in my
and I think I need more inspiration. 

I need some real “vintage” items to actually hold, touch, smell (yes, there’s a vintage smell to jewelry – trust me!)

I’m going to be putting on some Beggie Adair music this week, sitting down and looking over Grandma Mate’s jewelry,
(yep, they gave that to the right little girl, don’t ya know!)
and seeing what these bits of inspiration can manage to
“Muse-Up” from me.

The “Big Reveal Date” is October 4th – Right Here
and of course,…right here!

So stay tuned and I’ll let you know how it goes. 
Wish me luck!!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, and Twirling with Vintage Anticipation!

Autumn In My Head!

Leaves and Pearls - Autumn 2009 Design from MiShel Designs
Okay - so I've been thinking of all this "Fall" stuff lately. 

Fall colors, fall designs,...all of it!

Maybe it's because all the stores are spiced with autumn goodies like vivaciouly colored leaves in burnt orange, rust and gold. And maybe it's because the smells are so lovely right now - I mean spiced-cider candles are burning all day in my house!!

Ceramic Beads and Copper Charms
MiShel Designs 2010 Fall Collection

Yep, that's it! And, I've been dreaming of and creating some new designs. 
Now, to find the time to photograph them - yes, that would be nice!

Chaos Wire Wrapped Hoops with Amber Dangles
MiShel Designs - Fall 2009 Collection

In the meantime, here's some Autumn Eye-Candy from years past. Enjoy!

Realm of the Goddess
MiShel Designs Fall 2010 Collection
Cinnamon and Spice
MiShel Designs Fall 2009 Collection
Aumtum Earrings - MiShel Designs 2009 Fall Collection

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Autumn Treasures!

"Autumn in Arizona" - Fall 2008 Collection

Mocha Earrings - MiShel Designs Fall 2010 Collection


Turquoise and Wood
MiShel Designs Necklace
From the 2009 Collection
Chrysoprase Beaded Wrap Bracelet

The cooler temps and rain coupled with the smell of the pine trees is going to be a welcomed change from the excessive heat of the Valley as I hang out with my sis and some girlfriends this weekend.

When I’m up in the mountains, my design style turns more rustic; sort of fall-like, which is good since fall is right around the corner.

Gathering Spot
I love sitting on the porch drinking coffee with my sister in the morning or swinging on the porch swing in the evening while sipping wine and chatting with my friends,….all the while enjoying the beauty that surrounds the area.


The Famous Tree House
Amazingly (miraculously, actually!!) there are still tall pines surrounding the cabin and although you can see reminders all around from the devastation of the Wallow Fire that burned so much of the area this summer, there’s bits and pieces of beauty, new life and hope.

"Grandma Emma's" Cabin
Burned in the Wallow Fire of 2011
Although the loss of some things can be devastating, the opportunity for rebirth and for growth lies beneath the ashes and reminds us that “within every adversity, lies the seed for equal or greater benefit” (Napoleon Hill) and if you’re willing to look close enough you will see the hope of a new tomorrow!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Beauty, Baby!!

The Beautiful White Mountains of Arizona

Treats For You!!

Happy Halloween Weekend To You All!

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday - all the autumn colors, the wonderful smells and fun Fall Decorations and the air becoming cooler (well, not quite yet here in AZ - but I'm ready for it!!)  And, I'm ready to watch my favorite Halloween movies such as Halloween, Halloween H2O and Hocus Pocus with my hubby and son this weekend!  Popcorn and blankets and candles,.......what fun!!

Halloween always  puts me in the "Fall" mood and I love giving out candy, but since I can't do that here on my blog, I'm going to give away some great savings at my MiShel Designs Etsy Store this weekend!!

Woo Hoo!!

All of my beloved blog followers (yes, you!!), will receive a 10% discount off your total order (not including tax or shipping) from today, October 29th through Monday, November 1st! And, if you have friends you want to pass on these savings to, just have them start following my MiShel Designs blog and then they can get this same fantastic offer!

Here's how you can get your savings and treat yourself to some great goodies this weekend:

All you have to do is convo me when you order on my Etsy site with the code "Halloween" and I will then go back and refund your discount amount in Pay Pal - it's that easy!! And, it's better than candy cause it won't rot your teeth or make you have to work out any harder next week. 

So, click here to treat yourself to some great ear, arm or neck candy this weekend - guilt free!

So,  Happy Shopping Y'all! 

Until Next Time,

Good Things!!

Just wanted to post a wonderful Etsy Treasury that I was included in this week.

Kristin, (aka - LoveArtWorks) has included my Silver Petal Pearl Swirl post earrings in her treasury along with several other Etsy Project Embrace Team member shops and their lovely items.

I encourage you to check out all the lovely shops in this treasury.  Some of the shops even have sections, like mine does, where you can purchase certain items marked "TEAMEPE" and a portion of the proceeds goes to help with a cancer charity - so it's shopping for a cause and it feels great!!

Have a Great Sunday and Until Next Time,

Peace, Love and All Things Good!!


Falling for New Earrings

While I'm waiting on more of my "Shel's Jewelry Supplies" clients to send in pics of their earrings designs created with my handcrafted earring wires, I thought I would post a few pics of some of the fall earring designs I've created and recented posted on my MiShel Designs website and Etsy Shop.

I'm really interested to know what types of jewelry you're looking to add to your Fall wardrobe. What latest styles or classic designs are you working into your Fall Fashion Statement this season? 

Post your comments here on my blog or on the MiShel Designs Facebook Fan page and let's see what great Fall Fashion Style everyone has!

Until Next Time,
Peace, Love and Great Fall Jewelry Fashion!